2.07 Broke Matchmaking


There currently are ~5k players playing and yet I keep getting into the same lobby (which always has 1-2 empty spots) and the playerpool seems like less than 10 different players. Something’s not working right. I think you guys need to hotfix this asap.


Could this be something regarding a skill based mm? Too narrow criteria?


Now that you mention it, I indeed seem to encounter the same good players most of the time but there often are newbies inbetween so I’m not sure if it’s not just coincidence.


I think my MM is like 4 billion, I played 2 games since 11AM ( which is 4 hours ago ).


Its also possible most people are just playing the new coop map so there’s a smaller player pool in hunt.


I have noticed longer match making waits on both Hunt and Co-op since the patch dropped.


And you can’t play monster when you’re in a party anymore, lame.


Hey everyone, please check out this topic.