2.01 Update ROLLBACK



Thanks to the community’s help we were able to pinpoint the shader problem quickly. The update is now live.

If you have any questions please address them to the thread below:

Hi guys,

The 2.01 update introduced some texture/shader issues we didn’t expect. We’re rolling back the update to the 2.001 from Friday. We’re hoping to fix the texture/shader ASAP and push it back out to you guys.

I got the 27,000 extra Founders keys. Do I keep them?

Yes. It was done on our back-end and not related to the new build.

Other questions?

Ask them here. I’ll update OP as they come in.

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Lost games because of bugs

Oh my god that is literally all I wanted to keep. xD

Good luck with this, and congrats on the lightning speed of your fixes insofar.

So is this meant to be downloading right now?

Roll back update please

Looks like 2.001’s downloading now.


thanks TRS :wink:


You guys are on top of this! Nice job TRS. Working Days and Nights


It was working fine for me, besides this. :sob:


The Bucket nerfs can wait >_> I just want to play the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, I played a match as parnell, it equipped me with a weird texture and my hands were invisible. It was funny to look at.


Thank you for taking swift and appropriate action. We can wait for some balance for a while longer.


the game is unplayable for me, every time i get into a game its just pitch black, is that what you’re fixing?


I fought an invisible bob

Made no difference lol, with Rval and me on Hyde it wasn’t a huge deal thankfully


There are shader issues.


My favorite part


Now that is awesome.


It’s like a Magic Eye poster! Hey, I see a Goliath in there!


Tron Corrupted Goliath :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a LEGO Goliath!!




Lava Lego Skin Confirmed!

Patch from 7/12/16 at 7:06pm Buggy