2.0 SLIM Discussion!


Please use this thread to discuss all things Slim, from his weapon and abilities kit to his gameplay…if you feel he is overpowered or underpowered, and you basic first impressions of him. Discuss!

Slims Spore Cloud Launcher
Slim's Spore Launcher Expert Challenge seems a little ridiculous
Slim Healing Burst combo with Leech gun a little too strong
Slim is ridiculously, stupidly fun to play
Slim is useless againts AI monsters
Main T4 Discussion Thread
Slim changes entire game
F**k I really love Slim. <3 Still good after the 30% dmg nerf
Is it just me or is slim gun a little clunky?
Slim changes entire game
Slim MIGHT need a SLIGHT damage nerf?
So, you're monster ? well... you have two problems now: Slim & Crow
Spore GUN OP, Wraith has no eyez why blind her even more?

can any monster report how hard it is to see slims little healing drone healing a downed player?


I think Slim now takes the cake for most versatile and impacting Medic.

A Sunny and I managed to defend against a rank 40 level 3 Kraken with both our Trapper and Assault dead for a solid minute and a half before falling due to how much raw healing Slim can output. (although her shield drone helped a lot)

Hitting the Monster with a stink grenade practically makes the entire Hunter team invisible; it’s very hard for the Monster to see what is going on amongst nukes, mortars, and similar.

Healing bug also makes splitting up even less risky since the Medic can now heal you from across the map.

I love it all.


Haven’t used him yet, but I can’t imagine no one would beg for a Slim nerf. If the Slim has a good aim, it looks like you can get a heal out every 4 or so seconds. And the Sunny/Slim team up seems like a very good pairing.


Slim is really different from the other hunters as he actually has to get up close and personal to maximize the use of his leech gun. Which is perfect for my friend who plays Assault often. The duel with the death is really interesting to watch.

It is also not really easy for someone like me who prefers grenades as I can’t aim to save my life. So I think it is a nice change. I was pretty horrible at playing Slim.

Only feedback that I have is probably having a sound feedback when the healing drone is released. I was pretty confused if I had actually used it.


This guy is so damn awesome, imagine being paired up with Maggie and Daisy, you got two repair bots reviving everyone.


the spore cloud makes him the utimate noob stomper, i think his damage is a little bit to high, the healing is actual resonable, i tested it a bit and he heals himself only for 12-15% per healburst/ say every 3 seconds


Before release I was afraid that Crow is OP, but after playing a first few matches against bots I can see the toughest challenge for me is … Slim ! and his spore cloud … ===> I JUST CANNOT SEE THEM … :confused:
I am not having big fun with it … honestly. But let’s see how it goes after a couple more matches… sighs


I thought the new characters were being released tomorrow? Did I miss something? It sounds like people are already playing them.


My initial impressions from pubs is that Slim is versatile, strong, and intensely enjoyable to play. His large, constant heal bursts deal well with spread damage but I think focused damage is tough for him to deal with.

Slim also has pretty absurd damage for a medic, hitting 10k+ if the monster gets to t3.

His adorable little bug is an amazing tool for maintaining team health between fights, and for picking up anyone who goes down. I love it. I call it Tinkerbell, because the first thing I thought of were the pink fairies from zelda, and the first fairy I thought of was Tinkerbell. So yeah.

For perks I’m thinking you’ll want Jetpack Recharge, Damage Reduction, or Damage Dealt. (possibly health regen i dunno)

I expect he’ll combo well with Sunny, Hank, and Torvald, and I think he has trouble with Kraken, though that might just be me having bad aim.


Holy crap slim is op. Healing burst every 5 seconds while dealing considerable damage to the monster. Also an automatic healing drone with no range.


Hits for assault level damage and finding hunters is quite hard with all the crazy particles and dark places.

Most annoying medic to face as monster.


Just played a match as Kraken, Slim just kept firing the leech gun and every 3 seconds he spammed the aoe heal relentlessly…

this really needs to be looked into… It should not be possible to spam a large aoe Healing burst so often along with healing yourself. You cant even lock him down long enough to do any sort of permanent damage.


I find that he is hard to get use to though. I just played first 2 rounds and it completely relied on fellow hunters to be smart also, which our trapper wasn’t


Hm, troublesome indeed.


If you hit him with melee, then he stops firing.
But Kraken will ha e problems with Slim.


you hit him with melee, by the way u know it doesnt always stagger ppl to the ground. while u launch him back he fires more shots and heals back to full… (not being aggressive, just honest from what I’ve been seeing)


From my experience slim goes down easier then Lazarus


I think Slim should have an penalty like Caira’s …

-25% amount of points of healing burst?


Caria didn’t need her NERF imo. And slims healing burst is weak enough