2.0 Point Loss for Lag/Crash/Etc Frustration


I’m getting really, REALLY frustrated with the current state of ranked in Evolve. Right now, i’m ranked #18 on the top of the PS4 monster leaderboards. In the past 3 days, i have lost three matches on Ranked hunt, all of which were total bunk. The first one, my game froze just as the first dome dropped. -7 points. That bumped me down from 15 to 20. I was a little peeved but it wasn’t terrible, i put in some extra work to get back up to 15 or so. The next day I’m playing a game, i shoot a tongue grab at their trapper who’s 70m away from the rest of the team, should be an easy strike right? My tongue straightens out, I lock up, i have to watch the rest of team filter into the dome and my health just melt. -10, and straight back to rank 20. The NEXT day, after bumping my rank back up to 16 or 17, i’m playing against some bronze destroyers/Silver skilled. I down everyone but their medic and i start rolling towards the guy when suddenly my app crashes, and i’m sent back to the Playstation home screen. I open it back up, and there i am at rank 20, for a third time. My W/L has been stable and rising at a little over 10 this whole time, so i know that for every every one of those 3 losses I’ve won at least 10 times. At least 33 games + time waited and Nothing to show for it in my rank.

Take all of this and factor in the frustration of the 15-45 minute wait times between games that often pit me up against people and/or teams that i beat Every Time I fight. The frustration of rolling one team for a 2:30 game and getting one point, then fighting a halfway decent team that requires a good amount of effort and Also getting one point. The frustration of the only team seemingly at my skill level outright Refusing to fight me, leaving every time they get matched with me so i’m left to fight the lower rungs on the ladder one by one until, maybe one day, I can skip over these lame guys and face a challenge. Suffice to say: It’s a lot of frustration.

So, with that being said, there has GOT to be something that can be done about this. I understand that it’s got to be a really hard thing to do from a developer’s standpoint to prevent lagging out of games and glitches and things from actually costing the player points, but there should be some kind of appeal process, or even a way for the opposing team to show mercy on a lagging monster. If that’s too much to ask for, then there should be something to prevent Queue-dodging from happening, or at LEAST prevent it from happening constantly. Maybe masking the opposing (player/team)'s username and/or rank? Maybe allowing a certain number of Queue dodges for a certain period of time before it costs points? Something, please. I feel like i might as well have been banging my head against a wall these past couple days.


You get free stage 3 with melee slow target buff quite honestly the best perk in the game and you rockwall relay I honestly can’t blame them


Hiding the Rank and username would be an option. Anything else would not. If I see that I am facing a Silver Destroyer Monster with 2 Determining Ranks and a Bronze Elite, why would anyone waste their time on a match like this? It is just as boring as waiting in Queue for the same time and nobody should be forced to fight a match where the winner is already set just because the Matchmaking cant find a better 4v1 composition. Queue dodging is not the issue. It is facing an opponent that you dont have a chance to defeat (or someone known for boring 20min+ DecoyWraith games).


I can tell you from being on the other side of that equation that it feels like the game only matches you up against people ranked so much lower in the system when you’ve been waiting for a super long time. I know that queue dodging isn’t a major issue for most players, but it might help solve part of my problem that contributes to that problem. at the same time though, it seems like there might not be a simple answer. I don’t know how often that happens to you guys, but almost anything that would prevent queue-dodging would force you to fight that game. Maybe just masking the Username would be good? Show the Monster’s skill level and the average of the hunter’s skill levels or something along those lines?

Ok man, listen. As the monster, it’s my responsibility to get strong enough to beat the hunters. While getting strong, i can choose to engage or not, but any time I take health damage it’s bad. As the Hunters, it’s your responsibility to take my health away. That basically all comes down to the Trapper. The Trapper’s job is to trap me in a dome and enable his/her team to do damage. If the Trapper drops the ball, the team can’t do anything and they end up fighting stage three. The Monster has to be there to fight, the Trapper has to dome to make the monster fight. The relay is there to force the hunters to defend a territory or lose the game.

The Monster’s gonna be trying to his job, feed and evolve. The Trapper’s job is to stop that. Trapper doesn’t do his job, monster gets real strong. No Stage 3 is free, it’s the Trapper VS the Monster. If the Monster does good or the Trapper does bad, the Monster wins that fight and they have a lot of resources at their disposal when they force a fight (a lot of health). If it’s the other way around, say the Trapper gets a dome Stage 1 before they even get full armor, then the Trapper wins, and they’re probably going to take a bunch of health away from the monster. Either way, it’s Earned, not Given. If one side makes a mistake, the other capitalizes. Your Trapper failed to dome me S1 even though your team found me. I earned my S2. Your Trapper made a mistake when they S2 domed me, they were all alone when they fell in the plant. I capitalized. Any way you slice it, your Trapper screwed up. It was really unlucky sure, but they screwed up. My Stage 3 wasn’t free.

The map was Medlab. I had one point in rockwall. You guys were off defending some other territory a REALLY good place for the hunters to fight Behemoth, and not even close to the relay. I’m not about to go and fight you guys over there when it’s your job as the hunters to peel me from the relay. All game, YOU put pressure on ME to keep me moving. I started putting pressure on YOU to defend your territory, and you kept messing around trying to bait me over to where you were. I wasn’t about to meet you halfway after you just chased me around the map for ten minutes, it was my turn to decide where to fight. You guys screwed around until someone stepped out of line, I killed them, and you left. You and your team are insulting me like my plan was to sit there and hit the thing until I won, all i wanted was for you to come fight me on my turf, OR dome me. You’d have seen that if you bucked up and fought, instead of leaving like a bunch of lame-Os.


We’ve had this conversation before but the trapper did dome you stage. 1 he got caught in a plant and you got the easiest kill in the world and with any points in lavabomb it’s sup easy to ground pound a dead body(that the trapper made a mistake)
the relay is to keep hunters from running away not to force hunters to go stand right on top of you while you have a melee slow target buff and if you continue to act like rock walling relay while we’re 10 meters away is a fair tactic then don’t ever expect the team you so desperately wish to play you to play you


I was pretty sure it was after S2 when i was getting away from where I evolved, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s not my fault he fell in a plant. It was his fault that he was so isolated from his team. Plant, Megamouth, Tyrant… if you’re not with your team and you get caught in one, it’s a big deal. As a monster player, i’m not going to just let you live and go away, why would I? It’s not my fault he screwed up, and it’s my job to lay down strikes. Besides, it was literally just him and me in a dome. I had nothing else to do but wait for the rest of the hunters to close in on me. Even if he wasn’t in a plant, i’d have been up on him.

You commented in another post called “Cheesy Behemoth Rock Wall Relay Play.” You remember the discussion there? The general consensus is that cheesing the relay is possible and lame on maps like Refueling Tower, like the new Dam, where the relay is super closed in and you can close off the one and possibly only entrance. Dude, we fought on Medlab. That relay is like 90% open. you have to have 2 seperate angles on a behemoth or it can rockwall one of them. That’s fair. That’s cheesy when there’s only 1 angle you can even shoot from, or when it makes it really hard to come and stop the Behemoth. You guys never even tried to come stop me, you kept trying to drag me over to where you were. Drag me over to a place you knew you’d win if you fought me. What Monster in their right mind is gonna go for that until they have to? Until you forced me to engage by shooting from more that just the same exact angle? I was waiting for you to play just a tiny, tiny bit aggressive, but you never did. You would’ve eventually had to if you stayed, but you left.


Do you know what stage 3 is supposed to do to a monster force them to fight on the hunters terms if you wanted to fight on your terms that’s what stage 2 is for the way you played was low and pathetic you get lucky and get a free stage 3 then you go buff hunt melee slow buff and begin rockwalling relay till we get you to half health then you run away and come back we fight on the other side to appease your pathetic rock walling of the relay and you come back and continue to do so thus we don’t play with you anymore


Just my unsolicited 2 cents.

Rock Wall Relay cheese is shitty, no matter what map you are on. Can you do it? Sure, but don’t be surprised if people duck you later for it.

As far as your “Trapper is supposed to stop me” argument. You have some points but you fail to recognize some obvious Monster advantages.

Monsters always dictate where the Hunters have to go. On top of that they also move faster. Sunny can be a counter to this but by default Monsters move faster than Hunters. The Smell ability also gives them the advantage of being able to see the Hunters well before the Hunters can see them. I have played against Monsters that actively dodge Trappers extremely well. A good example is Medlab. The section next to the relay where the Venom Hound den is allows for a Monster to run through and bait a Trapper. When the Trapper gets past a certain point the Monster can just turn around and head the opposite direction. A lot of maps have split paths or caves that allow for something similar, if a Trapper splits off, the Monster retraces their steps, and if the Trapper follows then you can almost never catch them.

The main thing to take away is that if most Monsters “Flee till 3” they get punished at the Relay for it by a competent team. BOB, with his health pool, armor pool, and Rock Wall, makes it harder to do.


I can’t recall if I’ve ever faced you, but I know we were queued against each other and the guys with me quit out because you’ve cheesed relay against them. So I know it’s shitty - I’m a high monster, so people dodge queue against me, too - but if people see you and avoid you because playing you isn’t fun, it’s kinda understandable.

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Listen my man, like i said, if you had gotten 2 angles on me or a dome, then the fight was on. You didn’t put up any pressure to get me to stop, so i kept applying pressure. You could have easily stopped me.

I see what you mean, but that’s half of the game. If the Trapper doesn’t catch the Monster, there is no fight unless the monster decides to fight. The monster has its smell ability, and each Trapper has their own unique Trapper ability. If you want to catch a monster, you can’t just be running around. It’s a team effort, and it takes a lot of effort on the part of the monster to avoid while still feeding and getting far enough away to evolve safely. It’s not an easy thing that any monster can just do when you’re against a good Trapper. These guys were trying to push me, so it wasn’t hard for me to figure out where the trapper was and go the other way. Also, the trapper was basically dead for most of the time. I thought he died immediately after my S2, Crazybread says he died after my S1, but either way, i would have been S3 by the time he got back.

I get what you’re saying, and i feel you, man. But at the same time, these are the only guys that queue dodge me, and they do it every single time after just this one game.


Would this be xplicit and pat and such?


This is my team yes and i refuse to play people who rock wall relay with as much intensity and perseverance to rock wall relay as him so thus I avoid him along with my friends


Yeah. Xplicit, Pat, Oneshot, whoever else they’re rolling with at the time.


This thread is like Days of our Lives: Evolve edition.


If you were to ever admit that rock walking relay is a low and dirty tactic and say you won’t do it then ill do what I can to stop the shunning but you vary much believe in playing in a fashion which is known to be hated and thought of as cheap so I along with several others have decided not to play you


Rockwalling relay for the win IS a cheap tactic. I had no intention of winning via relay.


It’s also a Bob, generally the easiest Monster to dome at Stage 1 and hardest to mitigate with. Yeah he ends up having a good Stage 2 and then a really good Stage 3 fight on most maps, but if the Hunter team tracks appropriately / with some luck he should always take health damage at Stage 1 or Stage 2 armorless unless wildlife RNGesus happened.

Relay cheese is a shitty thing to do, but you know what? Part of it is really the meta of Slim/Hank to encourage the whole “flee till Stage 3” strategy. Slim/Hank may be the strongest engagement duo but neither of them bring tracking, speeds, or slows against a Monster that plans to run until Stage 3 whereas they easily have more engagement strength than the best Hunter combo. Slim/Hank relies entirely on the Trapper to do his thing with a non-trivial amount of luck. Maybe next time pick Caira or Cabot on a wide map like Medlab to share in the Trapper’s job. You sacrifice raw engagement strength but you force the Monster to engage in terrain better for you, medic can be further from the Monster, and Dust Tag and Acceleration Field finds the Monster earlier especially when splitting.

Just saying, instead of dodging a specific Monster player or Hunter team, take advantage in knowing what the strategy will be and change picks and perks to counter it.


We did run Caira we did catch him stage 1 and I don dodge players as much as I dodge boring/shitty play styles and if I choose to play someo who’s ent playstyle is rockwall relay or skywraithing/decoying till 3 then I won’t play them not because I don’t believe we can win its because I refuse to encourage that kind of play-style


How is that? I agree he is the hardest to mitigate Damage with, although Rock wall in corners/caves is a thing too, but he has the fastest Traversal of the Monsters.