2.0 Feedback PC


Hello there fellow Hunters and Monsters,
i wanted to give some, and maybe gather some Feedback to the new Content.
I’m playing on a pc and i have tested so far only solo against the A.I.
I’m tested about 5-6 Evac Campaigns and some hunts, so that my experience is based on about 30 rounds to the thrill of hunt, gore, and some mysterious surprises.

Hunter Npc:
When you start a Mission as a Hunter you got the standard start pick of npcs, regardless of which class you take. (Val, Hank, Maggie, Markov)

Npc’s seems to be more “agressive”, i experienced several times that my Group split up and that one or two were going after the Monster, during the other were defending a place or picking up some wounded. Most Curious Situation, Markov and Maggie nearly soloed a Level 3 wraith in an Defend Mission, in the starting Area of the Monster (After some Minutes of Gameplay)
I assume it was Kind of Bug, lacking A.I. of the Monster or maybe it glitched and was stuck or something like that.

I also experienced that the Healer, seems to be to lazy to heal. And this on both sides, when i’m a hunter or when i’m the Monster. And this so far with every Healer i encountered in my tests. Some where healing low to moderate and there were matches where i wasn’t able to see that anything would be healed.

Supports are doing a good job when downed, or getting to you when you are down, in stealth.

I dunno if this is wanted to simulate more stages of skilled Player (A.I. simulating Player experiences)
But mostly i feelt that the A.I. of the fellow hunters had decreased and it was better before.

Monster NPC:
When you are the Monster the Hunter seems to be random picked. Maybe it is a Special combination to Counter your Monster and the map. Need more looking into it.

Monster seems to be dumber and less agressive than before.

In nearly every Mission the Monster is at the Begining very close to the hunter Team. Often I could see it direct after the start.
Where it is fighting with some animal. And not seldom it has lost it first or the two first square of life.
It took “forever” the monster to gain some armor. It seems that it rushes through the level on new ways and “forget” to feed themself. I was able to hunt it several rounds through the level, and it looks like it was going every time the same way.

In Missions with Turrets/Drones (Beside Defend) the monster ignores them and was ALWAYS killed before we got contact to it. Mostly in stage 1.

By starting the defense missions the monster was already there and was suicidal picking on the turrets.

It seems that the Monster is some suicidal dumb marathoner now.

Most of the contacs were very disapointing and i got the Feeling that the A.I is very bad now. (Only lost to them because the Advantage marker aftter some lost battle. It might be that the Monster get more buffed by them than before.)

New Hunter/Monster:

Got the Feeling that the Behemoth, especialy when it evolves, sucks down the Performance.
I got texture Errors and the game gots slower every now and than.
It seems to be a strong Monster, which some Special maneuverability. Have to test more if it is unbalanced.

Dunno much about the Balance of the new hunters. Some attacks seems to be very strong and possible game changer, but it might be that the dmg was coming from another source. It seems that Monster life/armor ist sometimes VERY rapid draining. Most watch closely after this.
Some Skills are to easy to upgrade to the next stage, other took in comparison forever. For Example Crow and his skills. Got the Feeling by some other skills of the hunters too.

Other changes:

Have to look closer into it, but most of the changes to the Monsters i’m not fond of. It is less a challenge to fight the A.I than before.

By all the tests i didn’t see one of the two new maps.

So someone similar experiences?

Edit: During the test the Game crashed ones during a defend Mission against the behemoth and by playing crow. This happened only once.

Broken solo mode

The two new maps, are they only for Multiplayer? Whether i played until now one of them nor can i choose them in any play mode. Is this a bug?