2.0.8/2.3.8 Patch Discussion


Here’s the thread for discussing your views on the effect of the new patches rolling out today for all platforms.

Patch notes up:


  • Consoles have specific Kraken changes to help fix Kraken issues between now and the next Title Update. PC has fuller fixes as detailed.
  • Jetpack recharge changes aren’t a nerf in general, it offsets fuel usually lost

I dont get the new patch
Typo in patchnotes (TRS Look)
There it is!
Legitadventurer's micro patch notes
Titan's Feedback on Patch 2.3.8
Titan's Feedback on Patch 2.3.8

Just looking at it I really like most of the changes presented here, especially the (unfortunately for now PC only) fixes to Kraken’s flight.

Nice to see the reload speed bug is fixed, and a lot of the balance changes should prove to be rather interesting to see in use. Medic buffs are nice, the Wraith adjustment is appreciated (seriously that radius was just a little too big), the behemoth changes are great as well! I really like this patch, can’t wait to play it!.


http://www.trinityfellowship.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/worship01.jpg PRAISE DA LORD SLIM WAS BUFFED!!!


It still really bugs me that it took this long for reload speed to get fixed, but this is a bunch of really solid-sounding changes. I’m expecting monsters to need a bit more work once things settle down (and consoles get the fix so that telemetry data is actually affected) - hunters got a really big mobility/positioning buff with these changes, so I’m guessing they’ll all feel slightly OP on PC for the next few weeks.

The Kraken and Wraith tweaks both look really good, as do the Slim buffs. Looking forward to see how Val performs this weekend with the reload perk fixed along with all her changes from the past couple patches.


As soon as read this i was just like, guess I’m never gonna play monster again, lets hope that the next changes help with the glitchy movement of monsters like goliath and Bemo.


soo basically, wraith and kraken got nerfed… can anyone tell me why kraken needed an HP nerf? i thought the problem was his glide?


Aside from his inability to be pulled down he was also pretty damn hard to do damage on. I think we’ll need to wait and see on the effect of it. I feel that it may potentially be a move to make aftershock less of a threat without directly making it less of a threat.

Edit: A reminder, keep the childish sniping and passive aggressive nonsense to yourselves everyone :smile:


Usually I am not that excited to see patch notes. In the past the notes have made me sad for both monster and hunter players but this time I think everyone can be happy with the changes making it a much more fair playing ground.

I don’t want to say its epic yet as I have not tested them but I can’t argue with anything that I have read so far, it all seems great to me this time.

Thank you TRS


My number 2 hope is that the mobility changes don’t totally break long-distance abductions/tongue grabs. Those things should be super-punishing, and if I can recover and jetpack away from a clutch tongue grab before behemoth even gets to take a swipe at me… Not cool, man.

My number 1 giant hope is that no more giant bugs (like broken perks, which are gamebreaking whether the devs want to admit that or not) were introduced this time, otherwise my mood will go from my previous gifs to here in a matter of seconds (again):


So it’s already pretty (too?) easy to get away from a long distance tongue grab, so I do wonder if there may need to be special circumstances made for that. Abduction perhaps less so since you’re dropped right in front of the wraith before you can move away…


I don’t do this much, but I’ll pray with you. :wink:


no sorry the devs messed up, the monsters got screwed here royaly, hunters got a huge buff, dont believe me read the patch notes


Yeah, I get hit by abduction so rarely that I don’t actually know how it works from the victim’s perspective - I wasn’t sure if it actually trapped you or if it was more of a tumble like behemoth’s tongue grab.


I did, I made this thread where I linked to the patch notes which I read before linking to…in this thread I made about the patch notes.


I think you get dropped a little short of the final destination as it were, but you’re basically tied up until that point.


then dont censor me sir, its not democratic of you


You realize this isn’t a democracy, right?


And we have yet to see how it actually works in game. The patch literally JUST launched. Give it a day or so to see how it all actually works before making absolute statements.

Slim was a bit under-powered before now, and now Val is getting some adjusting. More healing, but a shorter duration on the darts.

Torvald is also getting a nerf to his mortars with 33% reload reduction.

For the most part the nerfs on the monster end were bug fixes to Kraken and a reduction in his health pool (needed since putting damage on him is a pain, and this also makes aftershock a riskier move) and the Wraith having her warp blast radius knocked down by like 5%.

Behemoth got a nice buff, and a much needed return to his standard stamina functionality since the “roll-heavy attack” spam has been removed. Along with that the rock wall is getting some fixes. Can’t wait to see it now!

The only thing I’m concerned about is the changes to the hunters’ jet-packs and stun mechanics. These will be interesting to see in action, and may go a touch too far. But we just have to wait and see how it plays out and what counter-play develops.

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i was mostly talking about the jet-packs, not surprised.


The ability to get out of being juggled may well be too much, though I’d argue that seriously this game can’t be made so that the way monsters have to win is spamming someone in a corner. It’ll be important to check how it affects the monster’s play and compensate them if hunters get too juke-y because of it.