2.0.6/2.3.6 Monster Changes Discussion


Use this thread to discuss changes to the monsters in 2.0.6 and 2.3.6 patches (consoles and PCs respectively)

Patch Notes: Patch 2.0.6 (PS4, XBox One) & 2.3.6 (PC)

Let's Talk Behemoth Fixes
Between Rock Wall, Rolling, & now Stamina, Bob rendered useless
Do you find Behemoth "OP"?
Do you find Behemoth "OP"?

still waiting for that kraken cc fix to come out


That Kraken Banshee mine fix :heart:


What do they mean melee stamina? I didnt know we had stamina for attacks


I’m still anxious for the Kraken CC fix too, but this change will definitely take the edge off until then.


I don’t know how much of a fix it is. You have a fraction of a second to shoot it (has it always been invulnerable and lowered, or have they added in invulnerability?) and it can still be cannoned at your face.

The travel time takes up the invulnerability period I guess, but your reaction times are still never going to stop the banshee cannon from wrecking things up.

Edit: As always, reserving judgement til I’ve seen it, but while I hate banshee mines, it’s a shame all the other things with Kraken weren’t altered


it helps with the most op thing you can do go infront of him vortex --> banshee mines = kill from 100%


And…here all of my Elite characters could’ve been spared a headache…


It’s the charge-up time for the “heavy” melee attack that knocks a hunter down or up (Goliath two-hand hit, Wraith uppercut, etc.). It charges through an internal timer, though it can also be recharged through making constant smaller melee attacks.


Hey… so if you want to play the new maps in custom… and you are on pc… now would be the time to add me :stuck_out_tongue: Peirs_Pryce, almost done patching


I know my Daisy’s butt was wiggling with glee and now there is a little less wiggle until Maggie’s 'poons can bring Krakens down.


No fix to Behemoth losing stamina every time he goes into the ball? :sob:


Thats intended


That was to stop melee roll spam, so until other things change that’s going to remain.


Was it that bad or was it just broken(as in it wasnt working properly)


I still get the little turn around melee attack when I’m focuced on 1 hunter and something is behind me… ugh…


Big Kraken hotfix in the next micropatch. Stay tuned.


Should be tuneable. I’ll dig around.


It wasn’t bad nor broken, I’m not sure why they targetted melee stamina in this patch. 3 seconds was about the timer anyways. It might be a slight Wraith nerf to non-Decoy builds, but I don’t think it’ll really impact any of the other Monsters.


It hurts a lot against Griffin though and I don’t think it helps much with the roll spam. Maybe having it deplete by a higher amount after going into the ball 3 times in a certain amount of time?