2.0.6/2.3.6 Hunter Changes Discussion


Use this thread to discuss the changes to the hunters

Patch Notes: Patch 2.0.6 (PS4, XBox One) & 2.3.6 (PC)

The Hyde 'nade change

All I can say is WTF. I don’t want to rage but damn. Slim’s continuous nerfing is kind of frustrating as his spore was pretty useless anyway to anyone with a pair of eyes. If anything he needed a healing burst upgrade via self heal. I LOVED and I mean LOVED playing Slim on release but now I don’t even look at him.

I like Hyde’s toxic slow being removed though. Parnell’s buff doesn’t seem to be quite right because he was already really accurate. Is that just a troll buff?


Parnell wasn’t accurate at range at all, the Parnell buff should basically make him the viable pick against Kraken I guess.


Shrug I was pretty fine with him and I use a controller. I really can’t wrap my head around Slim still he isn’t viable at all now.


I shot a guy at really lng range with a rocket launcher! :smiley:


Hey look we can finally play other supports now!

I disagree with another Slim nerf though. I get that Spore Cloud is annoying, but even before this Val buff I considered him the weakest medic by far. Spore Cloud is relying on the Monster being inexperienced, which in itself isn’t good design, but it becomes completely useless as both the Monster’s and the Hunters’ skill goes up.

And Parnell’s rocket accuracy was pretty bad when jetpacking. It was okay on the ground. I think this is a good move to make him more viable against Kraken.


I find this all pretty laughable.

Slim’s Spore Cloud was definitely very strong. In fact, it was so strong that it allowed him to be a possible alternative to Caira. Now with this change, I’d imagine that Slim won’t have time in between spore cloud shots to heal so he’ll have to choose one or the other. His ability as a Medic won’t be up to par to Caira’s.

Also… L.O.L. at them buffing Val’s heal burst. Yeah, +50% self heal to Heal Burst is what the problem was. Not the fact that she can’t out-heal stage 1 of any Monster, can’t consistently self-heal, and can’t multi-heal. Caira still #1.

The Elite Wildlife perks are still ridiculously high. I’m glad Sunny got hit though.


This patch is stupid. Kraken is OP and they didn’t do shit to change that
Why is sunny being nerfed?
Apparently the toxic grenade is still slowing people down (i haven’t tested it myself)
Are you sure you guys are listening to your community


@MacMan is it intended that if you take reload speed on Caira, it makes the healing burst have a 28 second cooldown? I just tested it a few times, @Optik_rec0rds did it too. Please fix asap ^^



K well i tested the toxic grenade thing and it worked fine so idk.


cuz as much as i love sunny she was broken


The sunny shield drone stacking fix is listed under PC only if I’m not mistaken. Was this fix also implemented for consoles?


No, because it’s a code fix.


I actually like most of these changes besides the Slim nerf.


Why the nerf to the DMG perk? As far as I know most people already didn’t use it anyways, since other perks seem way attractive. Jetpack Recharge for example helps you with dodging AND closing the distance. Both of which created more opportunities to deal damage. What was the reason behind the nerf?


Oh my bad, I thought it was a patch scenario. Isn’t the next hot fix for consoles i.e. “Title update” set to come out next month as in May?


Is beautiful.
Thank you based TRS.
Nah but in all seriousness, as epic as this change is, I’m gonna miss the slow effect. I trained my chase-grenade habit away so much for the sole reason they slowed, but still.


I cant believe all the slim hate. First an overnerf to dmg now an unnessacery nerf to spore. As it is his heal burst is weak enough he should be allowed to overcompensate in his kit to mitigate a weak heal.

The rest is me… nice to see the assults get some love though. .parnell should see quite a few more games at least

When are we expecting to see this patch?


Kraken change will come in the title update. I read a MacMan post somewhere that the ETA for that update is two weeks, i.e. Thursday week