2.0.6/2.1.6 Perks and Buffs Discussion


Use this thread to talk about the character and wildlife perks/buffs

Patch Notes: Patch 2.0.6 (PS4, XBox One) & 2.3.6 (PC)

2.0.6/2.3.6 Monster Changes Discussion
2.0.6/2.3.6 Monster Changes Discussion
Your opinions on new patch?
2.0.6/2.3.6 Monster Changes Discussion
Mammoth Birds >_>

So far… (will keep updating)

Striders are annoying to catch up to now as Golaith even with fire breath.


Reserved for more potential whining and a rant.


Reserved for potential whining snarky response.


I dont know how i feel about them touching the character perks. The wildlife perks seem ok they didnt reduce them too much which i like but i dont like that traversal was touched


Reserved for potentially terrible one-line pun about something.

Looks like the Sunny weather is over, folks!


Erm, my Perks are still at the prepatch numbers. Are they getting changed later and I’m a fool or?


Continuing the discussion from Patch 2.0.6 (PS4, XBox One) & 2.3.6/2.1.6 (PC):

Nuff said.


Damage buff from sloths is still op as fuck


Keep in mind that’s only for Elite wildlife. Regular mammoth birds will still have the same health and speed as usual.

Don’t panic!


Hope you guys look into why the Mammoth Birds keeps running up to hunters and monsters and zaps them instead of attacking only when provoke.


I’m going to reserve judgement on all of it for a few days to form my opinions.

Except for mammoth birds.

Fuck those guys.


Not really digging the Character perk drops, kinda feels alien. All those rock throws that should have been death.
Just that 5% of health still clinging on >_>


I’m glad that’s the case, I was growing tired of monsters two ability chaining me to incap, runs very contrary to the whole notion of having an actual fight.


Man, I love the new jump height perk, I think it’s tipped it to the point of being a viable perk for maps like fusion plant and the broken hill maps. :smiley:


Hold up, the patch notes said that Mammoth Bird health was increased by 70%, and speed was increased by 30%.
Now the creature that we all fear the most has given us more reason to fear it? What? How? Why?

So, in all seriousness, this is a pretty crazy buff; is it actually justified, or does TRS want to cause its playerbase nightmares about these lightning-frying beasts?


Only Elite Mammoth birds


Oh. Well, that’s fine. Carry on, then.


I have yet to get the patch, or maybe I’m blind. I don’t know how to feel.


They teach you this in primary school, to read carefully m8. It undermines your critique when you fail to demonstrate understanding of the patch changes.