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Please use this thread to discuss all things Behemoth, from his attack and abilities kit to his gameplay…if you feel he is overpowered or underpowered, and you basic first impressions of him. Discuss!

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People moaning about p2w made the behemoth terrible
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Gotta say, reducing behemoth roll damage was a bit dramatic
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Behemoth is too overpowered
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He’s up I’m out peace"drop mic"


Let’s transform and roll ou-- oh nevermind I got trapped by Jetpack Booster + Trapper


I’m still a bit surprised by how fast Behemoth melts, even against bots that aren’t high damage comps. I can stretch my HP/Armor much longer when playing any of the other Monsters cause they’re much more mobile.


I enjoy rolling people continuously away from their team when they have no jetpack. That is all.


i feel he is to weak against parnell (against shotguns with wide spread but strong damage in general) and torvald (the roll has a to slow startup, he cant avaoid mortars if he commits to melee attacks)

o, I have watched a lot of gameplay footage with 4 new hunters, and today after playing VS them with behemoth I had a feeling like Behemoth was way too underpowered, then i have played VS Tier 4 hunters with all monsters (wraith, kraken, goliath) and then I realized that behemoth is OK but Tier 4 hunters are way too much overpowered. On twitch streams 4 new hunters was kinda OK not UP or OP. But when i`m playing VS them I cant get rid of them after they see me even with Wraith, New medic heals them faster than i can do a damage to them, Even when I cast all four krakens abilities on hunters they are still alive thanks to new medic, also tier 4 assaults mortars is like hanks barrage with almost same damage but damn, it has too low cooldown. and that hunter with bat, I have thought it will have a cooldown for example like 25-30 seconds, but Hunters are sending bat every 5 -10 seconds.

So the main idea of this topic is that TIER 4 HUNTERS ARE OVERPOWERED, and it makes this game close to p2w. That`s it TRS u made me say this.


Behembots, Roll out!

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It shouldn’t exactly be surprising. The base characters went through open beta testing and they still had to be changed. It’ll probably be a while before they new ones are balanced.


Behemoths tongue grab needs to be longer special at 1 poont in

Played some matches with Behemoth and feel he’s so easy to melt. It’s crazy how fast his health drops. He has no real way to mitigate damage except for the slow ass wall which also protects the hunters, lava bomb appears to do next to no damage and once you have someone on your tail, you’re never getting away because of a tree or some ant that blocked your way. There’s no way to survive a dome or disengage when in the open. I’m finding it almost god tier challenge getting to Stage 2.

After playing and facemelting on kraken, goliath and wraith just to check the T4s weren’t massively OP I can say as of now Behemoth games are free wins.

Also, after playing against him on T4s and never losing, it’s clear that he’s here to balance the wraith hate.

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Behemoth need a BUFF! More hp, dmg reduction or a lot faster movement speed!

Played around 20-30 matches as Behemoth. I die so easily.

Please release patch this weekend.



The issues with Behemoth right now…

  • His stamina recharges too slow out of combat and has very little to get himself into combat for more recharge.

  • His tongue is buggy, and misses almost all the time. Even seen it go through Hunter’s models.

  • His lava bomb doesn’t deploy enough lava bombs or does enough area-denial damage to scare Hunters away from it.

  • He has no air control, so Hunters in the air just avoid everything.

  • His rockwalls are incredibly buggy. So many rockwalls missing or nothing ever coming up at all.

  • Everything takes too long to use. Lava bomb takes centuries to launch, and you can’t even move where you are launching it once it’s being casted.

Honestly, I’m very disappointed at how buggy and poorly thought out this Monster release is.


The tier 4 hunters are too strong against any monster right now, behemoth actually does a decent job against the other hunters. There already are too little players who even want to play monster and the t4 hunters being so strong is going to drive everyone away.
Against one team of hunters I lost twice as behemoth when both times I got to stage 2 without them even finding me, first chance they got to dome me they did and they melted all my hp and armor before the dome went down, that’s just ridiculous.
After that I decided to play goliath to see if it was just the behemoth being weak, but I got the same thing.
Note that I got a near perfect winrate on goliath and never really have trouble winning a game but now I just got wrecked by the new hunters.

TL;DR: Behemoth isn’t really that weak but he still needs a buff, tier 4 hunters are too strong right now, their damage needs to go down by A LOT.


I think the best thing to help Behemoths squishiness would be a slight boost in speed when entering the boulder mode.

Right now he can’t dodge ANYTHING. It makes him an easy target for sunny/torvald/etc.

I think just a slight burst of speed when he rolls out would be great.

Are you serious? I bought season pass but I still have to buy the Behemoth? WTF Turtle Rock?

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fissure travels to slow for the long startup time, T4 comps are dealing more damage because of slim, the other medics dont do damage

Yeah monster is seperate, but don’t buy it, seriously.


Im gonna start with the pro’s first:
Good job on the abilities. I think they fit really well and you can do insanely strong combos.

But thats already it with the pro’s because there are things that make him very weak.

Weak mobility. He is fast if you roll for extende periods of time, but to do that you will have to save your stamina. Vs a competent team its impossible to dodge domes. But shouldn’t he be fine with getting domed because of his huge armor and hp pool? No.

His armor and health pool is an illusion. He goes down way too fast. Any Kraken or Goliath survives longer because they can avoid damage. But there is more to it. Since he has more armor, he also needs to eat more to refill it. But the hunters can prevent that. I was playing on Medlab today as Cabot and somehow a Behemoth managed to sneak and escape us. Too bad he glows bright red so I could spot him from across the map.

Right now he feels extremely underpowered. Every Behemoth vs Tier 4 ended up with them destroying him in seconds. Not so sure about the other hunters. Also I think its a bad decision to let him get slowed by Crow’s Stasis gun in Ball-mode. If he can’t get away using his traversal, then someone didn’t want this monster to ever get away.

Just to get this out there: If the hunters can move faster than the monster (using sunny of course) and slow the monster so that he can do nothing to escape, something is wrong with the balance.

So right now he is basically unplayble in online if you want to win. They need to re-think his mobility and survivability. He shouldn’t be slowed as much in Ball form as he is right now, and he should take less damage overall. Maybe improve his sneaking aswell. How about make him not glow when he is sneaking? It was kinda ridiculous to be able to spot him from across the map.


The many reasons why (in my opinion) Behemoth is difficult to use as it stands now:

  1. He’s slow, and I mean even his attacks are slow. Every one of his attacks has this little ‘wind-up’ meaning you have to always be leading the hunters.

  2. He’s just too wide. When playing, I can almost never tell where I’m being shot from or what’s going on really except I’m being damaged. He’s just too big on the screen right now so it’s tough to discern where damage is coming from.

  3. He’s got a giant weak spot on his stomach. In many matches, that doesn’t mean much, but in Defense it means turrets shoot it almost endlessly.

  4. He doesn’t have a ‘thing’. He’s not good at close range, he’s not that great at long range, he’s not stealthy, nor quick, and truthfully he’s not that tanky either. He’s just kind of… there… everywhere really.

Not to boast, but I’m a heck of a monster player and able to play all three of the originals quite well; Behemoth is just a different creature all together though… During stages 1 and 2 it really, for the first time in the game, feels like you’re being hunted because the simple fact is that it’s tough for you to do much and you’re more of just a giant target.