1v1 Custom Game Duel Mode


In any sort of competitive game the question of who is the better player inevitably arises. What better way to settle it than have a series of (hopefully friendly) duels where one player controls the four hunters and the other player controls the monster. The roles would obviously be alternated until one person wins both versions.

However there is always the problem that the AI-HunterBots are just not quite good enough to match a human player resulting in an overwhelming advantage for the monster.

I was wondering if it was possible in a custom game to…
a) Give bots a small agreed buff to help the balance
b) Allow the Human player of the hunter team to switch control of which hunter they are driving on the fly. This way they could be steering as the Trapper while tracking the monster, switch to Assault or Support when there is a confrontation and maybe merge into Lazarus when a player is down. Additionally if the player was taken down you could obviously control someone else rather than wait for a revive or dropship.

Would anyone else be interested in this sort of mode? It would also make purely single player games a bit more fun. I could also see it desirable to make the monster more powerful for a group who wanted to take on the AI.


I’m actually really in love with the idea of being able to switch between your team in offline mode.

I want to be able to hunt down the monster with my trapper, dome it, then switch to my Assault and lay on the damage for a while, and if the monster is really laying on the heat, switch to the medic and start healing, and go to support every now and then to lay down sentries and UAV.

If that isn’t a thing, it really needs to be a thing.


I agree with Both of you. I think it would add a cool strategic element to the game. It would be fun as an offline thing but I also think it would be a cool online mode, like @Makk was saying. It could be called Enders Mode, get it? like Enders Game, where ender controlled his teammates? lol

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