1st Week - Monster OP Comments Conglomerate


I ran 200 meters in front of my group. Monster sneak attacked and killed me. Monster OP.
My group engaged the monster with less than 50% health and we died. Monster OP.
It’s 2015 and not one person on my team has a microphone. Monster OP.
Monster snuck attack me in front of my group. Nobody shot it. Monster OP.
I blew all my cool downs on wraiths decoy and not the wraith. Wraith OP.
I tank the decoy’s damage with my face instead of avoiding it. Wraith OP.
I stand in Wraiths supernova clumped with my group. We die. Wraith OP.
I let Wraith eat corpses while decoyed when I can shoot at the corpse Wraith OP.
My group doesn’t coordinate burst damage w/ Cabot’s damage amplifier. Especially vs Wraith when decoy is on CD. Wraith OP.
I stand in a lightning pool a lot and die a lot. Kraken OP.
I don’t shoot banshee mines. Kraken OP.
Although 90% of matchmaking has an Abe, Abe never tossed a stasis grenade at a flying Kraken. Kraken OP.
I block rock throws with my face. Goliath OP.
I group up on my team and we stand in fire breath. Goliath OP.
Majority of the Trapper skills can effectively control a Goliath yet I don’t use them. Goliath OP.
I engaged a monster next to an elite wildlife. Half my team died to the elite wildlife. Monster OP.
I have a Lazarus on my team and I let the monster eat a player corpse so he can’t rez him. Monster OP.
I have a Lazarus on my team but we are still reviving and taking strikes. Monster OP.
I play Markov and I haven’t put down one single mine the entire match. Monster OP.
I play Markov and I put all the mines in one single place. The Goliath/Kraken/Wraith ranged them. Monster OP.
I play Markov and I only use assault rifle from range when lightning gun does more damage closer. Monster OP.
I play Maggie and Griffon, but I don’t heavily abuse their trap/control weapons. Monster OP.
I play Trapper and I spaz out then lay a dome not strategically but because I can. Monster OP.
I never save my jetpack fuel for strategic moves and I can’t dodge monster abilities. Monster OP.
My hunter group never fans out or goes in group on 2 to find the monster. Monster outruns us. Monster OP.
My medic never heals the team except when they are at 25% health. Monster OP.
Hank has never landed one orbital strike the entire match. Monster OP.
Bucket hasn’t used sentry guns or UAV to spot the monster the entire match. Monster OP.
Hank never strategically uses shield on fellow team mates when they are being attacked. Monster OP.
At least two of my team mates are standing on my incapacitated body and the monster is AOE’ing us. Monster OP.
Abe has some glorious dialogues. Abe OP.

To be continued…


Updated the list. Hopefully people can take away from my satirical humor and learn something from it.


I think the devs need to see this. Finally some empirical proof that the monster is overpowered.

However I have to add that I think the hunters are overpowered too.

Abe threw a stasis grenade at me and I didn’t move out of it. He’s overpowered.

I downed a person and ignored them so Lazarus revived them for no penalty. Lazarus is overpowered.



This thread
everyone should read it
its so hilarious because its true