1st ranked game as hunter on pc


Got matched against @deanimate. It was so confusing when he recognized me on pc. The conversation went a little bit like this.

Starts up ranked
Gets matched up against a name ive never heard of before… mander was it? So i just continued on in my game like a normal human being.
In drop ship
Mander - “Wait… demonhunter1245, as in the guy from ps4? You used to group with @Jayrob2k72 ?”

I’ll tell you what… that confused me so hard…
Me - "Yeah, thats me."
Mander - "did you just buy a pc or are you on a friend’s?"
Me - "It’s mine, recently built it."
Mander - “ill go easy on you guys.”

The very first game that I play on pc I was recognized, and it had been about 1 year since I had actually played Evolve. It was a good taste of how the community used to be, small, friendly, and the medics not knowing how to heal lol.


By go easy he probably meant “Ill still win, but wont do it in a single engagement”


Ugh I’d really prefer they’d just end it on that first engagement sometimes. Played a few matches today knew it was GG on the first engagement when the EK got 2 strikes at stage 1 on medic and assault.


Nah, think he meant “I’ll use lube”


Pretty much. I’ve had a few matches like that against @deanimate when I play hunter from time to time.


if you didn’t beat @deanimate I will be disappointed. He hates all catkind


I was pretty shocked to see you on but there was no mistaking that name. Shame you can’t get the guys you used to play with over to pc. That would be mint :slight_smile:

Oh and I hate bears, grizzle.



But yeah would be good to get all the regular Xbox and Ps4 players over to PC and we could have some good tourneys again :frowning:



I’ve been really thinking about building a PC but I don’t know a damn thing about it. And I wouldn’t be able to play with my friends. Not sure :confused:


I wouldn’t let that put you off. I also knew nothing about PC’s but asked a friend who did and is really easy surprisingly. Just like funny looking lego peaces. Pretty sure this forum is filled with people who do so if you make a thread about it loads will flood to advise you on what to get and how to build one! I can tell you now it is worth it. The gaming experience is far better and you can always convince your current friends to do the same or find others :smiley:


yeah some PS4 XBOX and PC players all in the same tourny would be so good :smiley:

It’s honestly so easy. Complete monkey work. Hardware guys are considered monkeys by people like programmers and you can kind of see their point sometimes. There are so many videos on youtube that can guide you, websites that can help you choose the right parts, forums that answer questions you may have (this one can give solid advice but plenty of others that are purely to do with PC hardware). When you’ve done it once you will think “…that was easy as pie”

Because pie is delicious


If I could get a gud PC I would probably be with you guys sadly I had no job or money ;-;


One day we will all be together.


I gots a pc but still haven’t bought legacy for it yet I’d like to but won’t unless I got ppl to play with @Torvald_Stavig


Well hey, let me know when you get on maybe we can game together. Add me on steam: demonhunter1245