1st Micro Patch Discussion (4/9/15)


Ya see I never used the leap to run. I always use to leap to change targets >:3


The micro patches can’t fix bugs. They can only adjust existing values. Sunny drone will have to get fixed in the next major patch when actual coding changes/additions are made.


Yeah, try it out and let me know.


I just shuddered at this idea: I was looking forward to two things: Behemoth fixes and something to stop Sunny’s drone abuse. For something so game breaking I’m really surprised nothing was attempted to stop this.


No i missed it.



One thing at a time. We can make balance adjustments on a weekly basis now. We wanted to start with her damage first because we know it’s too much. Then we’ll see what effect that has on her win/loss ratio and go from there.


"•Abe◦Tracking Dart Pistol◾Zeroed out rotation spread modifier when zoomed in

•Val◦Tranquilizer Gun◾Zeroed out base rotation spread modifier"

Anyone with a better understanding of game design know what this means? Are my Val and Abe getting more or less accurate?

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I’m on Xbox one and I haven’t gotten anything yet.


@MacMan I was wondering what the Behemoth health changes mean, it says increased health by 5 and 8% at stages 2 and 3 respectively. Does that mean that there is a bigger health bar overall, or that the health just goes away more slowly?


Shouldn’t really affect your ability to escape. Should only affect people who spam leap constantly while in a dome.


Who leaps for that, I prefer a leap SMASH >:0


Not enough time or you just gonna leave it that way?


Probably takes more time/requires more lines of code to change. The Lighting Strike change is probably 1 line of code changed. As are a lot of these changes that will come with the micropatches.


thanks for getting this out before the weekend! Also thanks for the event!!


I use it when either I just used a leap smash or wait till I smack them into each other for an easy multi- leap smash strike damaging more than one of them >:3


I assume you mean you haven’t downloaded the update. Am I right?
Have you tried ‘quitting’ Evolve from the Home screen then starting it again?


Heheh, so i was right, it is to combat dome runners.
I’m so smart :laughing:


Continuing the discussion from Patch 2.0.1 (PS4, Xbox One):

Holy ****! Torvald gets 10% and Slim gets 30% BUT NO HEAL BUFF?


Ha didn’t see your sneaky wraith buff
Good work now ill be unstoppable
Watch the skies
Skywraith is a coming


Thanks for the detailed rundown. I will definitely give it a go when I get home tonight.