1st Micro Patch Discussion (4/9/15)

:no_mouth: woah. Thats crazy! I didnt thought it was the hunters that needed the edge in Defend…

Looking into it.

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It’s still useful, in that it knocks down marsh striders and canyon striders, but once we can throttle the ball/melee spam in code, we can take a fresh look at the damage values.

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Behemouth is super tough now.

Mostly the not being hit by 2x damage burst and the additional health.

It’s so annoying. Wraith also has the issue. It’s really bad because right now I just don’t feel like playing Kraken with how people say he’s OP and I can’t goliath for my life, Behemoth? Yeah why would I play behemoth if I’m just going to spam roll. So I’m in the middle ground with wraith right now. Been enjoying a more run and warp blast tactic.

Been happening every 2-3 games. It’s basically a GG if there’s torvald on the other team.

And the additional armor from eating

Fuck. Yeah that is what I meant. Thank you

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Regarding the changes to Val’s tranq dart aiming:

The turn spread was the culprit! It feels MUCH better to aim the tranq gun now. Kudos!

I haven’t tried Abe yet, but I imagine his darts will feel better too.


The micro patch is out, but I don’t see or have receive any download option yet for my PS4.

Anyone has it yet?

It’s so small that it just does it without telling you. It’s there. And nice avatar.

Anyways, my main feedback is holy crap did you guys get this one out quick. Nice job, TRS.

I’m sad about Behemoth’s lower rolling damage, but I get why. I just can’t steal hunters away from the pack anymore. I’ll provide more feedback as I play more, but Behemoth’s Tongue Grab, Fissure, and Rock Wall all feel amazing. So I’m happy thus far.

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I completely agree that Slim’s damage was nerfed a bit too much. Twenty percent should have been the sweet spot since he is a combat medic. As it was, it took three shots just to kill Reavers and I’m not exaggerating. With the current damage nerf at 30%, this makes it rough. The telemetry was only a week old, and it seems that the changes were knee jerk reactions because of it.

Roll damage is almost entirely gone? That’s kind of lame. Does it still have knockback? Is the damage of physically rolling Behemoth into a hunter still noticeable?

I’m on XB1, and I’ve yet to see an update notice when I launch the game. I wonder if the micropatch is server-side or do we have to actually update our game on our consoles proper?

EDIT: Scratch that. When you select the multiplayer option, it updates the game according to @Gertz.

I gotta say supernova is underwhelming while warp blast is too much to handle. Abduction is finicky and glitchy. I think wraith is currently very weirdly reliant on warpblast

I thought it was a mechanic for you to spray darts XD

BTW thanks for introducing micropatches it’ll improve this game, and how people perceive it tenfold.

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There’s a bunch of people who’ll be buying the game on sale in the future, and a £2.99 quick unlock for the other hunters may be something they’d rather do to get up to speed :smile:

Still knockback, damage is low but its noticableish

The behemoth has seen an upgrade with 2 more bars of health, 3 more bars of armor, critical spot reduced, and increased radius with tongue grab. The traversal seems to be improved as well. But the roll damage is reduced and the double attack after rolling is reduced.

Only problem now is the constant lag and losing connection in lobbies after EVERY SINGLE GAME IN SKIRMISH.

Awesome. I did see in patch notes that knockback was reduced, but hopefully not too much.