1st Micro Patch Discussion (4/9/15)


Just got a message saying "new data available return to main menu to update, now the behemoths roll heavy spam seems to have been toned down. Tested it on some bots it seems to be on a 2 second cool down and te roll damage is almost entirely gone. Hopefully the weak spot glitch is done too.

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Micropatch "zeroed out" language
I don't think the Goliath traversal nerf was necessary

just joined a match as Behemoth and didn’t notice any difference, I’m pretty sure that the devs would post something like patch notes if they were micropatching the game, especially Behemoth.

Do you know anything about this @MidnightRoses?


I got same message


I just got the same message wtf? I need info lol!


I tried it in a bit match and the roll spam was throwing out light attacks instead of the same double fisted slam every time. The damage and knock back against the bots was noticably less. Could just be me.


My hunters quest got updated, Behemoth deathroll still killing people though.


Just played a game online against actual players. The roll spam is indeed gone.


Ya’ll best not be trollin…

I’m at campus for another 2.5 hours…


All my matches are lagging hard as hell.


Have you noticed anything else like less damage taken or less headshot damage?

They said he was getting more armor/health and smaller weak spot along with removal of heavy roll attack spam.


I can confirm that micropatch 2.0.1 on PS4 and Xbox One is available for download.

We’re working to get the notes to you as soon as we can! Hang tight :smiley:


PC time frame?


We’re aiming for later today on PC.


Why are people then saying you cant roll spamm anymore? on PC


Er meh gawd


Awesome! Can’t wait for dem patch notes! :thumbsup:


Thanks for updating us, I look forwards to seeing what changes have been made. :smiley:


how do I download it? :sweat_smile:


You might want to say what platform you are on. :wink:


Ps4 sorry my bad.

A lot of the attack animations on behemoth are faster, feels more responsive, felt like I was taking less damage but then again I was against torvald so I still took quite a bit. Overall feels a lot better so far.

Rock wall is still a bit buggy.