175 air tongue grabs for elite behemoth? why?


really trs? 175 AIR TONGUE GRABS??? man fuck u guys seriously wtf? thats not even funny at all.


lol. it kinda is funny


Not that bad. Markovs arc damage and hanks barrage are way more annoying without help.



They toned down previous grindy elite requirements for other Monsters and Hunters and then come out with this…


I LOVE tongue grab! it’s like Wraith abduction, just a lot more generous and it TELL YOU if you are going to hit, even! LOVIN’ IT!

As for the mastery, more time consuming than hard, IMO.


non of its hard… yeah time consuming as fuck god damn! 175??@?@?@!!!


I love the little ‘evolve mutation bubbles’ on the target when you have a valid target. BTW, did you know it lets you see that on invis players? :smiley:


So far the new T4 hunters and Behemoth masteries are either hard, luck reliant or just have overkill numbers. Do we still have 275 knockbacks with the Kraken because that is way too big a number something closer to 150 would work fine.

I just wish some of these numbers weren’t so damn high but it seems like TRS didn’t want players completing all of the masteries easily and getting bored too fast.


I do! It’s so good. And only fair, really. :wink:


TRS, why do yiu have such a big fetish with mid-air hunter challenges? I swear i think its bigger than the communities fetish with goliath’s muscles, kraken’s tentacle mustache, and wraith’s hips/thighs.

Anyways if you didnt know already just Fissure and tongue grab


“a ONE, a TWO, a THREE…” CRUNCH , “Three air licks to get the Behemoth tongue grab mastery”


I consider it like a snake ‘sniffing’ with his tongue…

Because the masteries are about teaching new mechanics. The mechanic here is about juggling. If you can’t juggle/combo (Or cheese roll with Behemoth) you won’t win against a half decent team.


I sure learned a lot watching the same defense minions get arced by markovs lightning over and over again.


It may get toned down if they think its to grindy.


Should have been 69.


Oh i know and ive learned combos because of it but sometimes the number of times for a challenge seems pretty crazy for how situational some challenges are. Dont yiu think some of the numbers should be flipped? And anyways my comment was just a joke :stuck_out_tongue: didnt mean for it to come off as bad


I know people that ‘boost’ to get these and I have a strong disdain for them. That being said, the reason for repetition in all things is so that the game no longer leans on your mechanical skills (Aiming, comboing, leading, headshots etc…) and you focus more on the overall strategy layer. It’s like piano. In order to learn to play some of the best songs, you need to repeat until you no longer have to ‘think’ what you hands are supposed to be doing. It is the same with video games.


I completely understand but spamming and doing a certain attack without really chaining it or watching a lil video trying to attempt a combo isnt in the game…

it should show you a combo like.

Tongue+Wall+sneak attack.

then you gotta do it like 5 times or more ina row…

then it shows you the next thing.

The way it is now doesnt do what you just explained.

what you explained was similar to street fighters training and learning how to do combos thing…

this isnt.

like shoot a lava bomb hitting multiple creatures isnt teaching me or training me anything… im just shooting more then one thing at a time. No one needs to do this 80 times to understand that.

and whats really funny and sad at the same time is that the game doesnt tell you that spamming roll attack roll attack roll attack does massive damage as a behemoth… only way I knew that was going on the forums.

there is plenty of people who dont go on forums so this isnt fair to them…

If I made a tutroial training thing it would show you basic stuff then advanced. like street fighter. then a whole thing about where to lure your enemys at like near sloths and tyrants and hitting them into them. but no none of that…


That’s not even that bad. Most of the elite characters can be grinded in a couple hours.

Sheesh. Enough with the instant gratification.