+16 New Topics - Unable to see them


Anyone know how I can filter out the ‘unseeable’ new topics. I’m assuming they are beta post topics that I don’t have access to. But my screen just gloats that there are all these new topics and I’m unable to view them.


Hmmmm, I’m not sure how to get around this but I’ll find out if I can :thumbsup:


Cheers Slinky! Have +5 internetz!


Just more salt to the wounds.


Hey, at least you don’t have all the new threads to go through that we do :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re quick enough you can see the title of the topic. Anything is better then nothing :slight_smile:


I can only imagine the hell of making sure NDA leaks get purged quickly.


I am unable to reproduce this, even impersonated your account.

Your new tab looks fine and the counts are right.

Can you include a screenshot of the issue? Do the incorrect counts go away on refresh?


What it is, is that people post outside of the alpha category and those posts are flagged and switched over to alpha category. This is what I believe is happening.


Its a fairly complex change to compensate for this. Keep in mind the counts all self-repair on refresh.