16 Hour Non-Stop Evolve LiveStream


The TAW group will be streaming a 16 hour non-stop Evolve LiveStream on one of the TAW community’s official channels TAW TV. The TAW TV channel can be found at the address twitch.tv/tawtv and is a regular host for TAW streamers from various games TAW participates in.

During this 16 hour stream we are offering this invitation out to the Evolve community to come and watch. For anyone who wants to just hang out, ask questions, possibly join our games if we have less than a full group at some point, or even if your interest is simply to mock us… regardless of your reasons you can come watch the stream. (Just please don’t curse or do other things that will get the mods involved. Evil mods! xD)

This 16 hour stream will include both our EU and NA groups… and in a show of support to the Val challenge we will be trying to exhibit her as often as possible. Go Team Val!

This stream will begin at 1 pm east coast USA / 6 pm UK and will end on Sunday at 5 am east coast USA / 10 am UK.

Hope to see y’all sometime over this marathon! (Especially near the end - my brain will need the chatter just to stay awake and sane! xD)

Reminder: twitch.tv/tawtv

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I might catch a glimpse. It might also help to state when this stream will be starting and ending so people know when to check in and what platform you’ll be playing on for those that haven’t seen ya before and might want that opportunity to join in a few matches.


Yep, sorry about that Hydra. Realized after posting I forgot to set the time and edited but typing in the changes took a minute too long. xD


Stream up right now, come watch for some val hunt fun!


I might join up and play with the homeboys at some point :slight_smile: Speaking of, would you like to join forces and do some coaching with cow with a full TAW group tonight when I get off work?