15K prize pool for Evolve tourney this July!


wait…what… noooooooooo… is this true? no it cant be… Really?


Considering this even is not until what July? I think even the potential players that come back will get bored of Stage 2 by then. If something like this had a potential for the game to get updated or the have dev’s again then it might engage a full comeback. Not like this though.


The point of this is not to try bring the game back though… Evolve will never come back this is simply a generous persons donation to people that loved the game. I can tell you that all the old teams are already getting together to put on a show. Will be fun to play for some money.


So who is casting such a big tourney?


so what about this one here, @Winters?


Yeah just caught that. Shame :frowning: Understandable though


yes it is but there are not a lot of people who would have deserved to win it. people abandond the game and just got back for the money. Dean is one of the guys that really loves the game, even more like I do or he just don’t want to buy a new game. He would have deserved everything. But that’s just me


Couldn’t agree more. Was a nice thought anyways. Don’t worry guys I’m gonna be a future millionaire and I’ll arrange this same thing when I’m 40.


Why? The last few tournaments pc had NO ONE PLAY IN THEM!!! Just Xbox players. That would be really really crappie for hgl to toss aside the Xbox players.


Ummm. Xbox? People who have actually participated in your tournaments the last few times. I don’t understand why people forget us like this there is a lot more players there and no one plays PC maybe 1 team even worth noting.


This game isn’t coming back ever.


Could not agree more.
tis a shame though.


Look at people’s time on Xbox they have never quit they deserve it more than any other platform. Sorry but it’s the truth.


Ill explain this more when I get the chance. I quickly put it on twitter this morning before exiting the house. Just so some people knew. I can confirm that the tournaments is still taken place with the Prize Pool. Though the chances of having a LAN has greatly drop Im going to do everthing in my power to still make it happen.


I appreciate that.

I also think it’s sad that people are only back for the money and then as soon as the tournament is over I can almost guarantee they will completely stop playing the game. Some of those coming back openly lambaste the game rather brutally but hey if they can get the money then they’ll put up with it…
It sucks.


Personally, I would still love to see the best of the best at play. I wish we could get everyone together for some serious matches just for fun, like a big 24 hour random tourney…or maybe just have teams attempt to take down the best monsters around.


Is it coming on ps4 cause damn if I’m not tired of being left the hell out


I’m game. :muscle::confounded:


Your not left out my brotha from anotha…console :yum:


Read the post. He said consoles. That means ps4 and Xbox 1.