15K prize pool for Evolve tourney this July!


HGL is giving back to the community that helped them grow in to what they are today. A very large and juicy prize pool for the fans!

mr bean


@Winters <-- You are the man

I also love your comment Griz “BOYS?!”


Well this is a pleasant surprise.

What platforms?


Wait…it starts in July? Aaaaand…is it S2 or Legacy? How has that money been accumulated by the HGL and why would they spend it for an Evolve tournament if only hundreds of people play it?


Pretty certain it’ll be PC


They must be doing well and Winters said he just wanted to give back to the community that helped them grow.


Uuuuh…okay. I wouldn’t say no to that, but it’s kinda unusual to me.


PC has been officaly announced but keep an eye open for console information


Come June and when we release more information on what were doing it will make more sense to you on how that money is there. Trust Me.


Okay then.


This is pretty cool.


I’m glad Winters/HGL has enough of a presence to make this happen. Though I’m curious about the amount of people who’ll be interested on PC. The only pro-ish teams/players I still see laying around are BigC and his bunch, Dean (from time to time), and a few others.

I may join in for that tournament if I can get a good squad together.


I just can’t believe this. It’s amazing but it’s pretty hard to melt why someone would give this much money away to the evolve community.

@Winters i don’t know if your just stupid or kind enough to throw this amount of money away, but thank you nevertheless.
I really hope we get enough teams though.


Probably a little bit of both, but hey enjoy :grinning:


This has my interest


I think you’ll find if any old players get word of that kind of money you will end up with quite a few. :smiley:


@Ryke676 Back to streaming some Evolve? Kappa


Bring it to xbone and I’ll be all over it. I got at least 2 friends who’d love to have a couple grand, and who love the game.


It may have been answered, but When do peoples sign up?


Just know Obama care is ready when the ps4 tournament is announced…(#undefeated) (#fellas)