15 minutes and still can't get in to a game!


So I decided to try this game again after buying at launch and losing interest due to player not playing as teams / unbalanced gameplay… Well I don’t know what you guys have done but I have just sat here for over 20 mins not being able to get in to a game. I chose hunter, and all it kept doing was loading, players appearing then disappearing and popping up asking me what I wanted to be yet nothing happening.

Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling as read something about cache on the forum. However the last patch is so huge that I need to wait 45 minutes to download!

Am I missing a trick or has this game taking a huge nosedive? I can’t even get a game!!!


It depends on your region, rank, and the people who dodge.


Easy now, are you trying to play ranked or quickplay? Also, what platform are you on?


Well I got up to rank 11 I think. What are you talking about when you say “people who dodge?”

@LordDerp I tried quick play and ranked, neither would load a game. I am on PS4.


Queue dodging. Basically people who remember you as a great Monster or an impossible to beat comp and will avoid you.


You’ll find a game much quicker on Quickplay instead of Hunt


hm, then it’s probably a region issue. I tend to have no problem finding a game of quickplay in western Europe on PC


I am in western europe ( UK ) I am assuming quick play is unranked and hunt is ranked? I was looking forward to trying the game again as when it was first announced it sounds liked a real team play game. 27 mins and counting for patch download lol.


you’re missing all the tricks. plz learn the tricks.