15 Minutes and 6 attempts later


Queuing with a group of 3 friends(4 total) and we’re going on 6 attempts now with one problem or another occurring each time. One of us is forced to monster, is told the lobby is full or simply disconnects all together. This happens CONSTANTLY, by the way and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Can we get some matchmacking improvements ASAP? Been buggy and inconsistent since launch and it’s starting to get old.

Edit, just got put into a game again with friend as monster and an empty hunter spot. He has monster as 5th choice. GG


7 times now, can we make it 8?


Was it eight?


Don’t leave us in suspense man


Come on man, I wunna know how this story ends. The suspense is killing me! :confused:


It was 10, then we quit and started playing Heroes of the Storm instead.


Top kek my hat goes off to you kind sir Tip Tip Tip M’lady.


Storytelling needs some work. :frowning:


I also play something different when this happens, completely kills the mood…