12v3 Mode Please!


Inspired by the cinematic at the end of an Evac campaign, I think it could be very interesting to have a game mode which pits all 12 Hunters against all 3 monsters at once.


Multi Hunt

They should at least try it. Balancing may be completely off track but it would be a game mode for fun anyway.


If you think people aren’t working together now you’ll go mad if you get matched with randoms on a mode like this

Also the fact 2 people couldn’t play the same character would have people vexed with the current preference system even more up in arms


That would be utter chaos… the devastation and death…

I like it already. Lets do it!


I’m pretty sure it’s never or not in less than 6-12 month. It would be totally unbalanced and the network has not been designed to work in such a way.

They said some time ago that they couldn’t do herds because the machine couldn’t handle it (not sure if animation or AI).

I’m not sure if consoles could handle 12v3 + wildlife + physics.


For that, I’d get a epic party of friends and have them all duke it out. It would be epic, and probably broken, but EPPPICCC.

I wonder why they don’t have a “SWARM” or “Last Stand” type mode where there are endless mobs of monsters barring down on your team of X amount of hunters. Would make for a fun co-op experience, AI or otherwise.

Edit: @sinewyk makes a good point. But perhaps instead of spawning wildlife, it spawns a weak “swarmer” minion. Mini goliath’s everywhere!

Maybe the objective would be to hold out until the shuttle can pick them up? I dunno.


That’s a totally bogus idea … there will only be mayhem, chaos, pandemonium, complete lack of balance and performance issues for lesser powerful computers.

People will just walk away feeling dis-oriented from all the intensities and glory of that battle, and they will at most be able to fight against 3 monsters that have gone completely chaotic and are spawning 6 - 8 other minions while the hunters are backed up by 10 or so colonists and Ebonstar allied soldiers, and there will be blood and gore all around us, and the map will be wiped and blown to smithereens with extinct wildlife everywhere.

Oh wait, that sounds exactly what I would want.

GIMME GIMME GIMME!!! 12 vs 3 mode I’m all in!!! Forget balance; it’s just for FUN!!!


How dare you M. Night Shyamalan us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was just thinking of a mode like this and what strategies could be abused. I thought of 3 Wraiths train abducting a hunter to separate it from the others by about 300 meters.


Yes 12 hunters vs 3 lvl3 monsters + minions.


The Devs have already confirmed it’s not going to happen because the memory requirements and bandwidth for just the 5 players and the wildlife on the maps makes it not feasible.


I think the devs have spoken about how it would kind of mess up the game at its current stage or something like that. There would be problems wildlife, and as you said balance. This was on another thread when someone suggested a 2v8, I’ll try to find it.

Edit: found it


How to make Evolve: Stage 2 better and bring it out of beta

Couldn’t the hunters just gang bang 1 monster. All three assaults plus bucket plus cabot damage amp= Dead monsters.