12 Teams total signed up for XBONE 100k tournament... lol


So… about that two EU teams signed up and it starts in 5 hours…

Are they really going to make it only XBONE exclusive? This is kind of a joke…


More players play Xbone, the other platforms don’t matter much I suppose.


Twelve teams? Only twelve? ;-;


Well duh, prenerf T4 and masteries are allowed, its gonna be a bloodbath, people are prolly scared cuz Kraken is gonna be showin errybody how its done


That sounds sad. Too bad but, xbone only sooooooo.


pretty stupid to make the qualifier on the same day as the go4evolve series



Its pretty good to watch i bought a shitty version of the game ( PC )

Next time im seeing micro$oft deal , im torrenting that game !


Masteries seem like the true default in my opinion, for better or worse.


But on Xbone Tier 4 hasn’t been nerfed yet. And Kraken…Yeesh.


Balance will never be perfect, thought its obviously in bad taste to use a previous patch.

Kraken was broken before the recent stasis change.


The bugs that make CC ineffective against him and give him full speed casting- plus a superfast lightning strike- combined with his ridiculous flying ranged melee spam make him pretty damn broken. :confused:


They certainly don’t help the situation.


The most annoying part is that he can sit at a massive range and spam that ranged melee. It interrupts everything, does good damage, and at that distance there’s not much you can do to him.


16 teams by now. But honestly, who can blame the xbox community with a 2 days notice? That’s some bad planning on 2k’s side. It should’ve been announced at least 3-4 weeks in advance for people to properly set up teams and get some practise in.


Yes but giving people a nice notice in advance so they can comfortably prepare requires a modicum of intelligence which clearly- clearly- that company does not possess.


It would be nice if, at very least, it didn’t interrupt pick-me-ups.

Its just cheesy to be able to do that from the air., repeatedly, without an ability.


Exactly- can’t revive, can’t use the Lazarus device…It allows Kraken to bodycamp very easily at zero risk to himself. No other Monster has anything like that.


That is generally what makes the Kraken so strong - just about everything it does it can do safely in the sky.

Of course, combat pounce abuse gives it killing power when it wants it.


team will come don’t worry!!


this tournament is a very good idea to keep the game alive,
everybody spoke about this tournament on xbox one since two days don’t worry guys !!
it’s an excellent marketing strategie and u should be happy to see this for the game if u love it and if you want to see other tournaments in the future on different platform!