12-Sided Die-Achievement + DLC Hunters


Hey, does the completion of new Hunters count towards the 12 Sided Die-Achievement, resp. Elite Behemoth towards Three of a Kind? Thx!


Pretty sure this only counts towards the original twelve hunters.


It would make sense if any hunter/monster counted towards these achievements. Until proven otherwise, that’s what I’ll believe.


I believe it does I just elited behemoth and got the corresponding achievement.


So which way does 12-Sided Die work?

  1. You have to elite T1 - T3 hunters


  1. You have to elite any 12 hunters

Seems like The Monster counts if you elite any 3 monsters, so it follows that 12-Sided Die will work the same.


It only counts for the original 12. I know cause after I mastered crow, hank and v were the only original 12 hunters that I had left to master and after I mastered them, I got the achievement


if that’s true I won’t buy any DLC characters