12 Monsters


If we ever got 12 different monsters in the game I hope that TRS creates a Zodiac Calendar for them :slight_smile:


I would be terrified if the game got that many monsters… But hey, even just six would work if they doubled up :slight_smile: that’s a lot more doable I think.


12 monster? that would be remarkable! I would be super happy with 8.


I would be broke… I would be purchasing all the monster skins for all 12!!


So with Decoy I suppose Wraith is a Gemini
Goliath strikes me heavily as a Taurus
Kraken would be… Aquarius or Pisces?

Would definitely get to be a challenge differentiating the Aries from the Capricorn…


12 Monsters = 48 Hunters

Maybe this way people will stop complaining about the amount of content this game includes.


Capricorn is a Giant goat simulator :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, 48 Hunters would be quite a lot for a Monster to work around :stuck_out_tongue: I.E. knowing their strenghts/weaknesses etc…


As the marketing department’s calculator explodes trying to multiply out the possible permutations such variety would make possible…


Pisces should be a twin headed shark monster. Yes I can dig this.


I doubt we’ll get that many balancing and creativity would be a nightmare


I know man. From how I look at it, it is very difficult to come up with a monster that is different and balance at the same time.


They will then proceed to complain about the DLC required.