12 minutes kraken


found this right now. properly allot of you have seen it. but posting it here for all the rest who didn’t watched this video.


This is cool! I can’t get enough of the monsters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for sharing this man, haven’t seen this video yet


I think they did enough screen time for kraken more Goliath please and mix the hunters up while ur at it


I really hope this wasn’t an alpha tester but I know it probably is


It wasn’t.


No tier2 hunters or kraken in the alpha at all. So for a fact it definitely was not.


I’m with you on this I want some more goliath as we really haven’t seen him used to the max or how you could use his abilities well with the terrain , if you find my comment in the monster ideas forum then you’ll see that I want a brute monster,but better


what? 10 chars


They are currently looking into getting some more Goliath footage sometime in the near future when they have some spare time. Kraken got more of a spotlight because of the E3 tournaments.


It’s 12 no worris


After watching I say awesome job guy playing Kraken. Making the assault run and winning the game