11th Top Seller on Steam

Just thought it was notable that it’s #18 on the top sellers list for steam. Not great, but it’s something. Might get more towards the end of the weekend as well.




Whaaaaaaaaat!? That’s pretty awesome imo :smiley:


Yeah pretty awesome! Played with a bunch of new people last night, and they were loving every second. One of the players told me he bought the game and the season passes, he was waiting for a sale. It’s great new people are giving it a chance for the free weekend and loving it. Great job to the studio and 2K for the hard work to make it happen!! Love being part of this team and the dedicated community we have striving to keep this game strong!


top sellers of like this weekend?

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I’m not sure. It’s on steam’s front store page. I’m not sure how they define the time frame for “top sellers.” I say 18 isn’t that great because DayZ is just below it and that game has been out for a while and no major updates/events to my knowledge so i cant imagine they’re selling THAT many copies of DayZ. Again, any amount of new players is good, but for the longevity of the game I hope it climbs the list. Naturally we will lose a significant amount of new players after a few weeks as people naturally lose interest in most games after some time.

Hmm, glad it’s moving up.

14th now!. :smiley:

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That’s awesome news! Struggled a bit but picking up speed.

It’s up to 11 now. Seems to be doing pretty well…


I am one of those new people I played for about 2 hours then went and bought the monster edition ha-ha no regrets!!


Hello new person! Welcome to the world of Planet Taming! Glad to see you here this far out from Hub. :smile:

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What system do you play on.

PC of course haha no loving every minute of it!!!

Glad you’re enjoying it then. ^.^

If anyone else is playing on steam and wants to educate me I’m cool with that. As it stands I don’t have anyone else to play with so pubs all the way haha

What region are you in? If you list your Steam ID there are plenty of people here that could help. You can also take a look at the New Community Players List thread to find a few friends if you’re keen.

Edit: @ZazzMatazz FYI you can find it here: :smile:

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This is news to me, as I thought the game started to drop in popularity with the general public. Great thing to hear that it’s still pretty high up there in the list :smiley: