£11.99 for behemoth!


Even if I had a money tree in my back garden I’d think this is a rip off! Even half the price is over the top. I paid about £40 for the game and £20 for the season pass! Half my playing experience has been filled with all sorts of bugs and connection issues, and they expect people to pay 12 quid for a monster. The developers must be pissing themselves laughing if people buy that!


Wait for it to go on sale and grab it then.


The monster is arguably the most defining aspect of the game and considering that maps and modes are free I don’t think its that unreasonable. If you preordred you got him free so thats another thing to consider


Thanks, I’ll go back in time…


US money that’s $15! I preordered and tbh the hemoth is pretty awesome in the right hands


Don’t buy it.


just buy it for 0,39 €