10x XP & 10x keys - You guys have overdone it :/


I think 10x XP for 3 days is WAY too much. 2x would’ve been enough, maybe even 3x, but 10x?!

One of the reasons people keep playing is to max out all characters and you guys just made it possible to max out most (if not all) characters in a single weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also lvl 40 characters were often an indicator whether people are experienced with that specific character, now lvl 40 will mean nothing :confused:

Same thing about keys really, most people who regularly play this game already have all characters/monsters/perks and are sitting at +100k keys.


Proof that people will complain no matter what


Don’t we lose all skins and rank when the game releases officially?


I complain because I like this game, but this event hurts the game more than it helps it I believe.


Just Rank and levels on your characters and monsters, you keep your skins and camos.


They have no plans to wipe after the beta. :slight_smile:


Took me almost a year to get the IS7 in World of Tanks and that was with a premium account


I am okay with someone using it and getting character to high level, but please, let me keep my normal pace. There is certain fun in personal progression.


We’re going to add more levels later in the Month, so we’re still going to have more stuff to unlock in the future :slight_smile:


[quote=“Insane_521, post:10, topic:99548”]
We’re going to add more levels later in the Month
[/quote]Over 9000!


Level 40 has always meant nothing. Elites have never meant skill or experience with a given character. All it ever meant was that you played that character a lot. Now it just means you played that character and farmed the tedious farm.

Don’t mislead yourself by believing “Aww shit. This guy is an Elite Wraith! I’m going to get steamrolled!”

Character level has zero indication of skill.


No resets. You keep everything!


Like how in legacy you could elite a character in solo. Doesn’t actually mean your very good with them.


x10 is really big, if it was x2 i’ve played the hell right now, cus i’m still getting the same feel of myself growing with a character i play, not just leveling everyone for sake of leveling. That feel of yourself finding out better combinations, getting better is really important(atleast for me), and that’s what i liked about Evolve so much. And as that comes, i do not really care about others playing only coop to get the ranks, or playing in this event for Elite skins, i just want to expirience it the way it was suppose to be.


I didn’t mention skill a single time, I said experience. Experience is gained by playing a character. Therefore people who play a character a lot (elite), are usually experienced with it.


Yup, I agree :confused:


Skill and “Experience” are practically the same thing and if you say they aren’t then I will say that they are synonyms; of which they are.

Just because someone has a character elited doesn’t mean they are more skillful or “experienced” than anyone else.


I play some of the Hunters for completion. I main Medic class and dont play all of hem obviously, but I would also like to have them maxed out so I can get more fun playing them in case the get buffed…


I needed that x10.Playing 120 matches to get one skin for one character out of 20 is not my idea of fun.Generally unlocking things isn’t fun.Using the things you unlocked is fun


I do not agree at all.