10x key and XP weekend?


Ok, so in main menu they advertise 10X event.
Will you just get 10 times more everything, or there is a catch? What are the rules?


Might just be because TRS loves us. No strings attached!


Or because I’m so handsome they couldn’t resist.

But probably what you said, though.


Meh I’m Cabot main not you.


Gotta ask though, when play random it says (x10) but you really get 25 Keys same with getting a non preferred role but it says (x5) for 25 keys. :confused: So does this mean we get an extra 10 keys and an extra 10 xp every match?


lets say u get 1000 keys for the new achievements in game, do u get 10,000 keys then?
or is it just the ingame keys (winning, dome bonus, etc.) and not profile keys (level up bonus)


You have to send me wine.


Kind of. I do love me some :wine_glass:

it’s only 10x the round end silver keys and XP grants, doesn’t increase accolades or challenges earnings.


Thanks for the clarification. x10 XP is plenty! Time to level those hunters!


Please tell me that co-op is staying.


It is! Hunt just turn Arcade and Hunt Beta is ranked. No destroying of Coop or Customs :slight_smile:


what there is 10x exp?i thought it is just keys er maj gad!


Oh so it is for everything, Well time to play everyone 10 times to max them.

Edit - If you can get games cus holy shit no one wants monster


now u mention that,time for me to losse lots of monster matches to max them in 5minutes :^)


Does this apply to both character and profile xp?


Yes! :sparkles:


I love you just for that.


Woah! Grind time :smiley:

Pity I’m working most of the weekend :’(

What time does the event start?


I am getting that Prime Goliath skin this weekend, just you watch me! And then all Hunters will cower before my Goliath bling!


It starts in 2 hours from the time of this post (10AM PST or 4PM UTC)


Would that not be 5PM UTC? It’s currently ~15:00 UTC (3PM)