1000 players


So check on steam charts: 1000 players on PC right now…
I give up on U guys… So sorry… In 2 weeks comes Project Cars, and Evolve will be a memory. Not a perfect one though… 3 months existing and still NO BALANCE…
You will see me on L4D2 and Project Cars. Good luck monsters. Duck you hunters…


Yeah, they’re talking about buffs to Slim’s spore gun now. We’re going to need it.

Goodbye, Harry. It was an honor serving with you. ;-;


3 months and no balance? Have u not received any of the patches?


They are still buffing that thing? I guess slims point was to spam spore grenades and not heal.


I could have sworn his niche was dealing damage?

Guess I understood the character wrong :joy:


They aren’t- not yet- but there were like eight million threads asking for it…


Well, duck you too…


I think I’ll still be playing Evolve for quite some time, until maybe when L4D3 comes (if it is ever going to come). Such a regret that another is leaving us though. =/


I’ll stay. As more monsters and hunters and maps and modes and challenges comes out, the more fun Evolve will be


:sob: :confounded: :tired_face:


You guys really think I was serious??? :smile:


Never give up!!!


…You son of a TROLL. :joy: You actually had me there. Well played sir. Well played.


I’m counting the days until I meet your team in a pub Rose! I will not abandon the ship come on!


I pub a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: Usually with maybe one or two others, don’t go around with a full team often.


Right now i’m stuck on “searching”…


819 players in, according to steam charts right now… :frowning:


I mean… 819??? In the world??? Is that accurate???


I’m not entirely sure as to the reliability of Steam Charts.


Honestly, no joke, stuck on “searching” for 15 minutes now!!!


Well done harry, I was getting sad to see more members leave the forum… Well played good sir