100% win rate as Gorgon (SATISFACTION) Updated. Still 100%




Stage 1-) 2 Acid + 1 Web + 1 Spider Trap
Stage 2-) 3 Acid + 2 Web + 2 Spider Trap
Stage 3-) 3 Acid + 3 Web + 3 Spider Trap

+40% Feeding Speed, +7% Movement Speed
+15% Movement Speed
+17% Cooldown Reduction

You can ask me anything you wonder fellow monster players :slight_smile:

Update 1 : Currently on 41 win streak and 39 games with 100% win rate as Gorgon :slight_smile:

Share your win rate/win streak :blush:


Gorgon’s Unite!

/not 100%
/Just lost a game
/Feeling sad


I am aiming for 50 games without a lose now :gorgon:

Are you using mimic ?


Gorgon is my main girl, man. I was wondering, do you have every monster perk in the game? If not, would you run any different perks on her if you had them?


Feel free to post any tips in the official topic


Well i have them because i am a founder but not all of them are fully upgraded. Though i don’t think i would use different perks even if they were upgraded because the ones i am using now are all necessary. Especially the CD reduction and movement speed. But i kinda want to try the perk that lets you slow down the hunters with basic attacks.


I remember wrecking a 7 Streak Gorgon who was Elited. Felt good to know that when people balk she’s OP that she is beatable, you just need teamwork. @skills4u2envy


It still needs a rework though, it was promised her acid attack would be fixed on patch v2.02 yet they didn’t.

If the developers keep focusing on competitive and ignoring casual play, I fear the player count will suffer drastically.

On unranked matches with randoms, Gorgon is the most annoying monster to fight.


Please elaborate. How have they balanced in a way for Competitive where Casual suffers for it?

Personally, this game with Randoms is annoying. @skills4u2envy and I play together all the time. We’re lucky if we can win 40% of matches. Nobody Communicates and a good chunk of them are new. Last night we played with @Sidewaysgts and @mizx and just rolled Monsters.

TRS has done a great job at reducing the reliance of other teammates, but you still will lose more than you win if people don’t learn how to play their roles and communicate. That’s just how this game plays and the Skill Floor is going to be right where you play/mentioned, Unranked Solo Queued.


TRS are balancing the game towards Monsters, due to the Hunters dominating on ranked, right now it’s extremely hard to win a match on unranked with randoms due to the skill gap between hunters and monsters there.

Best way to make the game enjoyable for everyone, is to have different balance between ranked and unranked matches, like most competitive games do.

Most players are not interested in competitive, and they’re scaring away most of the user base due to the current balance changes.

Another way would be to add Co-op against AI, right now monsters that can’t win on ranked go to unranked to cause grief against uncoordinated teams.


Funny you should ask. We’re discussing mimic in another thread


Updated :grin:


Hope to find you before you hit 50 :wink:


Try doing that in ranked play :slight_smile:


I already know it gets really hard for monster at high levels :slight_smile: Before Stage 2 i had like 80% win in ranked :smiley: I am hoping to keep this 100% till i hit 50 games, then i will play ranked :wink:


win streak hidden challenge is up to 100 wins with 1350 keys…


Congrats, i think its time to head for Ranked play.
You need some new excitement, pub stomp no longer suits you.



Congrats? I guess?

Never understood why people are so happy winning against randoms.

It’s honestly just mean.


I am scared of this:

And i actually try to help new players. When they see my win streak they usually ask for tips. And one time i even stopped fighting and we chilled near the power relay in Orbital Drill :blush: Plus it is not always new players, i won against people with 30+ and 20+ win streaks. And against lvl 40+ and lvl 50 hunters. I don’t know if they were a team or randoms though… Anyway i will hit ranked once i hit 50 winstreaks and hopefuly when the bugs are gone.
Because if this happens to me i would probably stop playing for a long time :cold_sweat:


Good luck in your journey, :sunglasses:

happy hunting