+10 Point Minimum

So it seems no matter what I only get +1 point per my Monster games even if there’s a player who has the same rank or around my rank.

This is where I stand right now:

After my placement I was put at 1806 points. With the default of 1500 that means that after 10 games I got 300 points (around 30 points average per match).

Since then I’ve played 30 more games but only gained 200 points meaning I’ve gotten around 6.5 points average per game. In reality I know that around 25 of those 30 games were 1 point rewards with a few between the 2-10 range. I only have had 2 games where I got a decent award (one was 41 and the other I can’t recall).

I think a great solution to the problem would be to make a 10 point minimum for winning a game despite of opponent rank. Many systems have something similar to this in place.

So ultimately what do you guys think?

  • Good Idea, Implement This.
  • Terrible Idea, Don’t Do It.
  • Could Use Tweaking But The Concept Works.

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I would actually like it more if it didn’t match you if you couldn’t make at least 7-8 points. That would slow down matchmaking, but make it worthwhile if you win.

One time I got 157 points from a match. That is all.



The monster side should be easier to work out the points. I feel you should also get + for winning stage 1 and 2, 1 being higher obviously, and knocked for losing at stage 1.