10 minutes wasted


That’s right. I just wasted 10 minutes trying to find a game that allowed for a suitable position that fitted my preferences. I wanna be the Monster, the Medic or Support; in other words there are plenty of options that would suit me well. However the last 10 tries all gave me either Assault, Trapper, and then one time I got Cabot in the middle of a fight (Sorry Cabot, you may as well be dead already, that’s how useless you are).

Clearly there is something wrong here, because 10 minutes is a ridiculously long time to set up a single match. Hell! Most matches don’t even last for 10 minutes these days. Perhaps if we could improve upon this system, we’d be getting some fresh blood interested in playing Evolve.

Mind you, I had about 30 minutes to play in total… And I’ve just successfully wasted 1/3rd of that on waiting, and another 5 minutes to type out this post to voice my complaint. In other words… Time to grab a cup of coffee and leave for work x’D


Pretty much what everyone deals with, try joining a premade group.


Not if he wants to be the monster once in a while as he said …


This actually made me take a break from the game. Right now there is so much time waste just getting to play the class u want to play. I really think TRS should consider this as one of the highest priority to fix


Cabot useless?? Hmm, I love playing Cabot if you know you’re playing with a half decent assault


I play assault, and my friend plays Cabot. We often murder the monsters.


Parnell?? That super soldier with damage amp is lethal


I main Parnell, yes.


Glad there’s somebody who can use him, I’m not a very good Parnell but I have seen what he can do in the hands of somebody who can actually play him right, I’ve been on the wrong end of it as a monster as well!


Ah lucky guy only 10 minutes!!


Playing with @Shin is like a breath of fresh air. Pubbing as Cabot you pray to every deity that’s ever existed for a decent Assault. Playing with a good Assault, I feel like I can kill the Monster even without our Medic or Trapper…I can’t, but you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I a breath of fresh ai-
oh jeez, ew. I am definitely not. I just woke up my breath is awful! Definitely not a breath of fresh air!
Flies off


It’s okay, you’re a great assault as well.


That’s good to know. My buddy sent me a message late in the night while I was sleeping, and it seems like he misses my assault. XD

But back onto the topic, OP, if you can find a 4 stack of people who are ready to fight you, your problem could be solved :smiley: Just do custom games, get a random number generator running (from 1-12, since there are 12 maps) and bob’s your uncle!
…Wait I don’t mean behemoth bob, I mean…
It’s a figure of spee-gahhhhhhh. I’ll just go away again.


You’re a lucky guy.

I got home last night and had an hour and half “gaming time” before bed, I saw that 3 of my friends were online playing Evolve in a party and thought, “well, aren’t I in luck, I can play some premade games with my friends before bed!”

So we partied up as a 4 and then… I spent the entire hour and a half trying to find a game, literally didn’t play one single game.



No player found, AI monster.


Searching… Player found. Sees elites, leaves.

Player found, one of party gets kicked.

Player found, sees elites, leaves.

Player found, sees elites, leaves.

No player found, AI monster.

Player found, party member kicked.

No player found, AI monster.

Tried to play a game as monster (I don’t play Hunter unless in a premade, Its literally pointless) as I wanted to play at least one game so I didn’t spent an hour and a half looking at loading screens for nothing and… Got placed as a hunter 3 times in a row, DESPITE THE OTHER 3/4 OF MY PARTY BEING IN A GAME AGAINST AN AI MONSTER.

I turned off evolve and was playing MK within 3 minutes of putting the disc in my PS4.

The above is 100% non fictional, I love this game (when it actually works) but stuff like the above drives me crazy. I’ve spent about 85 pound on the game so far too.

I don’t think it’s being a “typical self entitled gamer” to hope for ONE GAME in an hour and a half of trying when I had a full team of hunters ready to go. (Ps I do normally play customs but we didn’t have a 5th player.)

I’ve been hyped for this game for about 1.5 years now, and it’s genuinely my fave game at the moment in terms of gameplay/its an actual original idea and TRS should be applauded for not churning out yet another generic shooter (i.e. most other studios), HOWEVER, last night just sapped all of the enthusiasm I had for this game. Ranked mode can’t come soon enough.


Would they not invite you or something?


I pressed reply too early by accident haha, full post now above.


Seems we have allot of coward monsters, afraid to face someone that knows their character. O.o
People quite games when they see Rose and I all the time. Gets tiresome. No idea why though…


Thing is though, if I try to play as monster then I want to see Elite signs, might actually get a game then. 'Cept even though my friends are mid game against bots I still consistently get placed as hunter.

I don’t think there’s even any point loading up the game at the moment unless there’s 4 other people online. I won’t tag the devs in this as they get spammed enough as it is, but does anyone have an ETA on ranked mode?


No word on ranked yet I believe.