10 Cloverfield Lane


Some info via Collider: http://collider.com/cloverfield-2-secret-movie-10-cloverfield-lane/


finally…it’s finally here


I changed the category since this is a movie.
And I’m sooooo hyped for this.


Gracias. Still a noob at posting on here, even though I’ve been a member for months haha.


Is this a sequel to Cloverfield? I haven’t heard of this.


We don’t have much to go off of just yet. But it does have some sort of connection to Cloverfield.

I’m sure we’ll be getting more details very soon, since the movie does come out in March!


Dunno how I feel about this…

However the movie goes I hope it doesn’t like 90% revolve around them in the bunker and we end up not knowing what the hell is happening and what the creature really is blah blah you guys know what I mean.

We don’t need another movie like… ah… what was it called… Skyline? Or something? Alien invasion but it mostly took place in an apartment about dumb people not dying and a bright light that lured people into it but main character guy person was getting hit with it so much he became super strong then his brain was put in a machine blah blah it was boring as fuck. Cool effects and decent concept but I absolutely hate watching a movie and by the end I still have no clue what was happening.

Cloverfield is okay in this area because they actually moved about and stuff happened but hopefully this goes somewhere. Not interested in a person going stir crazy for most of the movie and they just line it up for another sequel.

Oy but just my opinions and what not.


Cloverfield wasn’t very good, but it had…something that could be good, and that’s why I’ve been hyped for the sequel (or spiritual successor in this case) ever since I walked out of the theater when I saw the first one.

plus it has this guy

which is just a bonus


This has my attention! I liked Cloverfield, it was a different sort of monster movie…though maybe too much shaky cam.


Made it kinda cheesy :stuck_out_tongue: . In a good and bad way.


I really liked cloverfield. It took a while for the action to start, but when it did it was awesome. The shaky camera kind of made it its own film if you know what I mean.

Edit: Really looking forward to the next one.


omg im so Hyped i love Cloverfield


The original was a pretty fun movie. Maybe not the best one ever, but I enjoyed it. Sequel should be interesting :smiley_cat:


I liked cloverfield a lot. Thx for the heads-up. I probably would have missed this trailer without you guys <3


Happy to help. :bucket_salute:


OMG!! I loved the first one!!! So I hope this one will be equally good or better :slightly_smiling:


First official poster:


Being produced by J.J? I’ll end up seeing it for that reason only.


I liked Cloverfield a lot, but the shaky camera gave me a headache and made scenes hard to follow at times. Plus you hardly got a decent look of the monster. I liked the movie a lot though, very suspenseful!!!


I saw this earlier today, speculated a lot as to what the hell the movie was about. Then I found the poster and bam!