1 year anniversary


I’m sure it’s already been discussed but with the one year approaching, I figured why not talk about a possible leaderboard reset. It sounds like a good idea but maybe it should wait till TU 9.0. What would be something you’d like to see for the year one anniversary?


I think ranked (hunt 2.0) leaderboard should reset every 4 months. And general leaderboard don’t really need any resetting, it can be already filtered by latest month.


im ok whit that but plz dont Reset the Character leaderboards i didnt want to lose my Rank 1 as Gorgon and Granny Lennox xD

It would be cool if we get the Alpha Elite Skins on the 1 Year anniversary ^^


First gorgon in the world? Teach me master


Anybody knows when the 1 year anniversary is?


February 10th…


skins skins skins and more sskins


Cupcake raffle


Party Bob skin.
Bob would be happy.
When using this skin, you start hunt eating a cake


another new skin for Goliath would be awesome, But on the other hand can the community do anything to help trs? maybe Invite friends, if they dont wanna play make them, if they dont usually game! make them addicts? lol Just an idea :wink:


Tier 6 tease lel jk. Maybe title update who knows???


We just had a title update. I doubt we will get one in a week.


Patches and small stuff like that is what I mean
More so a hotfix.


A Gorgon Voodoo skin! :hushed:


Please please please.


A new goliath skin. He has a cone hat on. Instead of breathing fire he breathes confetti. Instead of throwing rocks he throws presents. When he leap smashes he lets out a high pitched “WOO!”. Instead of roaring when he evolves he yells “Happy Birthday!”.

I know it won’t happen, but birthday goliath would be funny.


I think in 2 or 3 days they will ask for everyone’s personal address so they can send cupcakes and Steam gift cards to everyone.


I want a Ric Flair voice pack for monsters now.

Just imagine hearing “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” in the distance as it feeds or whatever.

Replace all monster sounds with Ric Flair “WOOOOOOS” and quotes.



Party related skins for the Monsters.

Cupcake Goliath
Confetti Kraken or Balloon Kraken
Candle Wraith
Brownie Behemoth
Present Gorgon
Obsidian Behemoth


I’d play all weekend to get the voodoo skin, goliath’s :slightly_smiling: