1 point gains 15 games in a row

I can’t be the only one aggravated by this. 3 hours of game time and about 17 points to show for it. How the hell am I supposed to rank up if I need 300 points to get into gold.

I won 10/10 of my placements, got put into mid silver, now I can’t climb out 'cause 15 wins in a row today have been 1 point standing gains. I’m not going to sit here for 400+ hours climbing to gold.


True Story

They said 1 point is received when you play lower level players. I know that’s not your fault, but that’s why it’s 1.

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Here is a tip. Make sure you dont lose against those teams taht give you 1 point when you win. Cause if you lose against them you are literally going to lose 50+ points!


I can’t rank up if there’s no one on my or higher level to play with. I don’t get matched with high end silver players, I get matched with bronzies, low silvers or people yet to have their rank determined.

It’s not fun for me to pubstomp and it’s not fun for them to be stomped game after game.

Why not have a streak system, that awards a hefty amount of points for a 10 game streak. That way people who simply can’t get out of lower tiers can get out, so they don’t ruin the game for themselves and the hunters.


Just posted the same complaint. I know everybody was excited for a fresh start but I feel like it’s redundant to have every body start in the same situation playing against bronze/silver/determining.

The streak bonus idea is genius.

Right there with OP.

Right now if you play as monster in Hunt 2.0 on PS4 for me, there are not enough Silver division or gold division hunters to fill a lobby. So you get put in with those still playing qualifying matches or bronze level. In the last 4, games Iv played and won, 27 points in the 2 hours it took to actually have 4 games.

Since it went live I have defended to the hilt as its only been a few days. But right now the penalty for a loss is too high when you have no chance of playing your division. Two crashed games and one glitch game took me from Silver Master to low Silver Expert.

4 wins today got me 27 points…I lost 43 in one loss! Cant earn the lost points back, cant earn enough to promote myself back.

Only winners are hunters right now. Benefit from a clean win, benefit from disconnection wins if game crashes and they lose nothing in a loss to higher division buy gain more points if they do.

TRS need to look at that level of inconsistentcy until hunter numbers fill divisions to make balanced.

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What i don’t get is losing to someone 1 rank above you gives you -50 to -100 averagely but beating someone a few ranks higher gets >20 points.

You gotta give it time. With time there will be less people determining their ranks so you will face off against more ppl around your same rank

Only winners are the hunters?

Are you joking?

Have you tried playing with a bronze division team against ANY monster in bronze/silver?

Hunters are squashed left and right right now.


What? Hunters that lose to a higher up monster certainly do not gain points. We lose them just like everyone else. Also, it’s incredibly NOT fun to play as/with determining rank/bronze hunters against silver monsters.

The score boards are completely imbalanced as well. Gold hunters have about ten wins and gold monsters have fifty or more. Note: that was yesterday, they’ve probably gone up since then, but the ratio is the same.

Thank you!

yep, which is why you are actually better off not playing against them. kinda odd that the game is encouraging you not to play

When you gain so little points it is because you are a better player then them, when a bronze team beats you it means that their synergy as a team is better then yours with the way you handle your monster, that means that their rank is not accurate relative to you. They knock you down and go up themselves.
Bronze players are matched with silver players so that the bronze will periodically have a chance to move up if they are worthy, and silver players are checked to see if their rank is accurate.

When you play 30 games in a row and only get 30 points, (by which point your mind it tired from the mindless pub stomping and long game wait times) then you slip up one game, get a loss and end up back where you started 31 games and a few hours ago, it’s not fun.

Being on the top, pretty much all your games are 1 pointers (as you rarely get matched against higher hunters and it takes one bad game to ruin your day.

That just shows you that the team that you lost to is better then you because of their ability to capitalise on your mistakes.

If you want to be the best, you need to constantly fight for it, the king of the hill must always push the will-to-be kings down, lest they fall themselves.

The top monster could literally not play another game of Hunt 2.0 in his life and stay at the top. It takes one game against a low rank to catapult you down the leaderboards (days of playing for some people), or simply a glitch game/dashboard to drop you the same amount lol… (glitch happened to me already once)

Have ya looked at the monster boards today? There is a reason there are so few golds for monster :wink:

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No, they (because they could be female) will decay an lose points over time.

That’s a great idea. Definitely, let’s do that.

Best solution is to stick to arena and climb up the leaderboards through there because this whole ranking system is broken. Same deal happened to me today. Played about 15 games, got 23 points, lost 1 game because they got a lucky dome on stage 1 and took out nearly all my health. Thought I might lose 4-5 points, then I get the aftermath and I lose 45 points. Immediately quit and decided I’m never playing hunt mode again.