1 Monster vs. 1 Ultimate Hunter


I don’t want to offend any class so I’ll throw in them all for my Super Hunter:

  • Support ability is battle drone (like Buckets UAV)
  • Assault ability mines (like Markov)
  • Medic ability is napalm and healing for any use (like Caira)
  • Trapper ability is to have a companion (Maggie’s pet trapjaw)
    Each super hunters will have every single class default ability: personal shield, dome, burst, ect.

(No one hate me for this post please. Its just to see how a boss human would fight a boss monster. I just felt the game need a little PVP)


Do all the 4 hunters have to do a power rangers pose to become this?

(I couldnt resist it was the first thing that came to mind)


Monster Hunters, assemble!


Well it is currently PvPPPP :smiley:


well the point is Boss vs. Boss


Default hunter abillities and 4 other abilities



Dibs for the pink one! Tihihi!


well…a sentry AND a companion. thats 1v3 mate?


yeah but its having a hunter with default abilities and four chosen abilities that make your hunter (boss) special. Kinda like putting points for your abilities as a monster.


I would just pounce the hunter… game over!


The hunter is easily more than half the monster


As well this would be kinda like Pacific Rim( just imagine that )


Lol until his special double double kick animation activates where he hits the monster in the chin with size 20 boots.


Or like the Power Rangers when he pulls out the huge sword to finish the monster off in 1 hit… like why did they not just start any fight with that sword?


Because… reasons.


This thread was a laugh. I love the joke.
Nice one!


@Seven02 said it… Sneak pounce… Game Over.


I always wondered why Voltron never just opened with “Form Blazing Sword!”


A fun idea. You’re gonna get slammed but I think it’s a fun idea to suggest lol. One hunter vs the monster. Maybe make the hunter more mobile that can lay crazy traps. Have the Monster be the hunter from the beginning. Just fun thoughts lol.