1 million players huh?


That has GOT to be enough to justify bringing it to the console peasants.


We can hope! The beta still needs to get to a stable state but I think we’re on the right track!


I agree with mountain. What killed evolve for my homies and I who played evolve everyday since release is that certain game breaking bugs and party disconnects and blah blah blah. If I got a broken ass beta on the Xbox I would throw a fit hahaha


I wouldn’t worry. It has been very smooth on PC, and that’s still in Beta. So.


Better safe than sorry hahaha


10 Torvalds


I think they’re going to see if the game stays up the whole of the month then they’ll put it in certification for console.


There are a number of issues with the game. Bugs, gameplay problems. I’m sure it’ll come to console after beta.


Where is this number from btw? I only read about max. 100k on steamstats.


The devs have internal statistics that they can view. The game has had over 1,000,000 new players since the launch of F2P.


GrizzleMarine already stated that it would be coming to console, though.


Guys pls! They’ve been very clear on this. It needs to do well on PC and continue to do well to get the go ahead to port it over. We don’t know the numbers as that’s confidential. I don’t know this but do believe that anyone hoping for this to come out for console in July needs to severely check their expectations and August? I doubt it.

We know the deal, just need to be patient and see how it works out on PC.


Ironically, with how cost effective owning and maintaining a pc is right now, you could call the PC people peasants~

Mainly cause Console players have to buy multiple new $5-600 console every few years + full price games .-.

Yes I took the bait.


Plus there is no PC 2.

Consoles have multiple generations, meanwhile PC is still on gen 1. Golly… PC is bad, step up your game.



On console + a Tier 6 = a peaceful death