1 Million Dollar Idea for you TRS


I believe the problem with the skins is two fold. For one, most folks may feel like a skin that looks like a recoloring isn’t worth the asking price and two weapon skins don’t really feel like they add fun or a way to portray one’s self very well when seen by other players or opponents.

So, what would be worth the asking price if the skins workout impacting gameplay?

Purchasable End Game Animations

Allow folks to purchase an animation for their favorite characters that will be shown if their team wins at the victory screen instead if the boring “Hunters fly off in the ship/Monster does a little roar” which would be the default if they don’t own it.

Example, Torvald does a Techo Viking Dance:


Bucket does the… Robot?

Wraith does the worm,


I realize these are dances, but they are pretty awesome. But you get the idea, my point is this would be worth it and you can reduce the cost of the skins once these animations come out.

This will mostly require work from your animators giving you another great and fun way for you to monitize and for fans to feel like their purchase pays off, even if it is only for a moment.

I take this inspiration from the unique end game sequence you watch at the end of a Super Smash Brothers round. Winners taunts/cheers while losses clap in the background.

Thoughts? Would you but this for the price if a skin?


1000/10 would buy


I like the idea :slight_smile:


I would pay ten dollars a pop for this.


Well I’ve bought the jade behemoth skin as it looks awesome but I would also be happy to pay if I could moonwalk my behemoth over the hunters corpses upon a win. I think my life would be complete with this :grin:


Yeah… Or this would look justs silly.


I cannot imagine tarvold doing techo viking dance. He’s just a serious guy and seeing that will make me lose respect for him. Most of these or all hunters are very serious… I do imagine wraith doing the worm though.


While the idea of “end game animations” has merit, I’m not feeling too happy about “joke animations”.

The game has a serious vibe and they already said they don’t want to include silly skins. Why would they include silly animations?


This made me smile, thanks. ^.^


tenoutaten would buy


Questionable idea ._.


Well the animation is up yo the creative team if they want to do something to have the customer enjoy their purchase, or they can tone it down to something like a flourish, cheer, clap, flex muscle, fire guns into the air, pet daisy, have Gobi do a loop-di-loop, goliah point his chest, etc.

Trying to tap into the customizability that the badges provide, but at the end and bigger!


I would purchase in a heart beat a taunting feature for the monsters. d pad and what not. And entertaining animations “during” gameplay. Would love to see Hank enjoy his cigar.


This is not a free to play game.


I wonder if @MacMan or @SlabOMeat have given this some thought :smile:


… That’s far from the worm in the last gif lol


There :stuck_out_tongue:


Better :smile:


My only concern with this is will it be consistent with the vibe of Evolve? Evolve doesn’t have that cheesy tournament style to it. There is a sense of realism (in a sci-fi way). Would adding cheesy dances make sense?


Perhaps not dances- at least not for all of the characters. But I can see Bucket doing the robot and I can see Caira or Abe doing a little Victory jig, as it were.