1 million+ damage as Torvalt on first game


Is anyone else getting an egregious*** amount of damage from Torvalt?

I was absolutely stunned when I realised that I was doing that much damage even without trying too hard.


Torvalt will become the FIFTH MONSTER

*** - I don’t really know what egregious means. I just use it because I heard others using it. I think it means almost monster-like … or having powers beyond a Behemoth, almost Torvalt-like. “Egregious” can therefore be used to describe anyone with such hulk-like powers, like He-man, or Godzilla. Maybe it means something along the lines of being able to transform like an autobot into Torvalt-mech, the 5th monster. I don’t know. I really don’t know. It is a mysterious that even god cannot resolve. This word is one of the strangest words ever to be used, but I believe that human beings will one day be able to crack it. I mean, we cracked the Arecibo reply from an advanced extraterrestrial race. We should be able to crack this too.

Above: Example of a monster that is egregious. Hulk-like.

Above: In this picture, egregious is considered okay, because the act of photographing a person drowning is a hulk-like feet that only few can do.

Above: Imagine if a baby was found in parts in a box. What do you get? A hulk-like task. Therefore egregious.


I just think TRS underestimated the ease of landing mortar shells. This is apparent in Sunny and Torvald. They do a lot of damage, but they aren’t particularly hard to aim.

That plus Sunny can shield ALMOST as well as Hank while dishing out pre-nerf cabot level damage, or more.


Then we are both in agreement:



Egregious is an adjective. Means something is shocking, appalling, surprisingly bad.


Let me guess: you were playing a Behemoth?


Do you have a picture? I get about 20-25k with him, same as my Hyde and parnell, I’m not bragging but I’m pretty good at assaults and the highest I’ve ever gotten in game with assault damage was 36k with Hyde and a amazing Goliath

Tovald isn’t op, monsters are just bad


are u sure its “monsters are just bad” and not the fact most of the hunter community whined and cried until the monsters got nerfs continually… sure they got very little buffs to compensate, but go look at the wraith now…

the wraith is looking for food in the dumpster behind McDonalds… cuz she lacks alot of her mobility and former glory


Her “former glory” included some of the cheapest tactics even a beginner can use without even worrying. She was rightly nerfed, wraith was suppose to be rogue monster, rogues take skill and precision, not run in supernova decoy repeat. So 80% of current wraiths suck because she isn’t an instant win, she takes skill! something a lot of wraith players didnt have. And by monsters are bad, it’s more monster players are bad. Monsters by themselves are great, besides behemoth glitch (even then he is still a decent pick)


Actually she was thrown into jail for trying to steal candy from a baby. The baby cried so much that somebody called the cops.

…See the analogy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Analogy is wraith is a candy stealing pedophile? Yes


Yep!   I mean come on…ABDUCT?!


How often did you kill the monster in this 1 game with 50.000+ dmg? :flushed:


Because hunters obviously never got nerfed or anything, right?


Probably took out its armor a lot.


High damage numbers are not a good indicator without proper context.

Hunt or Defend? How long was the match? Did you have really good CC on the monster, and which monster?

If you got 50k damage it means the monster was getting domed and evading your team long enough to take armor damage but not health damage, because no monster has 50k health and armor even at stage 3. It also suggest that your team was mostly using support abilities leaving you to do most of the damage.

I’d love to have the stats break down percentage of damage done to monster and percentage of damage done to monster’s health, the community seems to eager to jump on high numbers and demand nerfs without looking at how those numbers are generated.


Also, every time I read “Torvalt” a tiny piece of my soul dies. :stuck_out_tongue:


OP said on another thread it was on Defend mode with a Behemoth. So he was hitting the minions and the buggy monster.


If ya want to do the math,

Count How many Monsters have received nerfs, (alpha to release)

now count how many times they have been nerfed.

and subtract the total buffs

Now repeat with hunters.

if Monster nerfs > Hunter nerfs +/- 4… you can see a problem


Which is my point. 50k on Defend isn’t surprising at all. Context matters.


was cabot on your team?