1 hit by cheater from 100% to zero



i was just 1 hit from 100% to 0 (full armor full hp from a downed support) how do i report them can i do it after the match?


with the search function


Follow this tutorial:


thx will do it nex time now its too late =( my shadowplay wasnt on didnt expect this… now i will always keep it running.


Crazy things happen all the time, especially with these cheaters (hackers is a compliment IMO). If I don’t have Fraps open, I get super paranoid.


good to hear.


You can still private message their name to some of the devs, so if multiple reports occur, they can look into it.


It would be most useful if the game had a report feature visible at all times, specially in the match-end score screen.


Wow! Just happend again!

3 times in one day already! But this time i got the video. I will post it here and mail it to the devs when its uploaded!


I need some help to find out which one of the used the dmg cheat. I think its the trapper? Or assault? Definitely not the support. Also dont think its the medic cause i dont seem to get weakspots.

Will sent it to support after.

Mod Edit: Removed video because of naming and shaming. Please report cheaters by following the steps in the topic Dovahkick linked.


It depends if your on Controller or Kb and mouse…

But on mouse its in the lower left hand corner of the lobby before the game starts.

I have made it a practice to open up “player Options” and view all their names and go into their “view steam profile” page.

If its private, not much you can do but screen shot the possible suspicious ones. Then send an email to 2k or you can Private message the devs here like @LadieAuPair or @Insane_521 along with whatever information you have.

There is plenty of time before a match starts to gather information if you are weary.


Hey me too!!

I got video of it and I bet it was the same players. They had a 17 winstreak when I ran into them. all were gold level but only had 10 hours play time…so yeah I posted a video for TRS, reported them, and messaged steam so hopefully these shit bags get whats coming to them.