1 hidden achievement remaining?


I just noticed that there is a new achievement in the Steam-Version of Evolve. ´´1 hidden achievement remaining
Details for each achievement will be revealed once unlocked´´.
Im think this wasnt there before, but maybe im wrong.


Huh… I don’t see it. o.o


Got a screenshot?


All 55 Achievements. For me, atleast.


I don’t see anything new



It wouldn’t surprise me if “Lost my leg in nom” is the hidden one tbh… I don’t think it is though.


Is it finding a cupcake? It wouldn’t surprise me.


Do you have 55 achievements listed including the hidden one?


Yep. Probably was there before, but just not hidden it think. Problem solved, thx.


I need the kill a hunter without taking damage achievement. Any advice?


Sneak pounce a hunter who’s alone and isn’t Hyde :D?


It was my last Achievement and I got it in a pub match as Wraith vs randoms who had a Bucket.

I used Abduction to pull him away then pounced him immediately. After he was incapacitated I used Decoy to jump him and finish him off quicker.

You can’t take damage from Wildlife or Hunters even if it is just Armor Damage.

Note that Bucket was using his UAV and kinda far from the others.


Damn…seems extensive for only 5g!



I got lucky. This Bucket didn’t place a Sentry, shoot a missle or shoot his pistol (at me anyway) after he got downed.

Might be hard to do today considering that Bucket is a rare creature these days and that most teams have at least one smart Player.


Perhaps do nest get a minion, then let a decoy to damage waiting for someone to get low…?


Maybe. Teams would be split but it’s a big random thing.

Honestly I got the Achievement by pure chance.

If anything I’m sure it’s easily boostable with friends.

It doesn’t specify too much besides outside of tutorials.


If I remember correctly ‘Lost My Leg in Nom’ is the hidden achievement. That might be what your looking at.


What’s “lost my leg in nom”?


You have to get eaten by the monster in Arena.