1.3 Wraith too Weak/Strong

I still win with Wraith, even against most good premades I fought against. Never played her before the 1.3 balance patch, but she is still the best Monster at hit & run tactics with crazy high burst damage.

Just start with lvl 3 Warp Blast. At evo2 go for abduction and supernova and forget decoy, even at evo3. Pick 30% cdr perk and go crazy. You cant win with Wraith anymore if you are more of a brawler type player and can’t properly judge where and when to go in. Prior to the balance changes she was a no brainer Monster who steamrolled pugs without any effort. If her current playstyle (which is rediculously fun) doesn’t suit you pick something else. She is nearly perfect where she is now and just as viable as other Monsters are, even against good premades.

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Wraith players discount the Warp Blast radius increase, I think.

It is practically impossible to dodge now if aimed properly, and can be a smooth setup for a kill.

Warp Blast is really quite absurd right now, though less lame to play against than traversal Warp Blast.

So you pretend to judge people’s playing style. I’m not the brawler type with the Wraith. If you didn’t play her right, you died before you even started. For brawl like game play, I pick goliath. I like stealthy game-play. I never relied on warp blast to escape. I never even thought about because I always used it at close distance, when the hunter was practically in front of me.

At lv40, I’ve played this game enough to understand the difference. I’ve been playing this game since it came out. Day one! I’m entitled to express my disappointment. She feels different, and I don’t like it. How can you say, she was a no brainer game-play style if you didn’t play with her before the patch?

Sure, there were some people that played her “properly” the way she just plays right now. By constantly going in and out. You won’t win with supernova. You won’t win with decoy. You will win with Warp Blast and a combination of juggling with abduction and the occasional supernova for 2 second burst. Only talking about playing against good teams here, not mopping the floor with scrubs, which a scrub Wraith can’t do as easily anymore with just decoy or supernova.

So yeah, in the past it was unfun to play against. Now it isn’t. While still being completely viable for people who are into her playstyle.

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Welcome to kraken’s world

I think she is much closer but still needs some tweaking. Decoy is really hard to work with above tier one unless everyone pays attention. Saw a decoy one shot 3 hunters to death. Two as a group in one swipe and another it just charged at and hit.

I like being able to spot her more easily if we see her cloak, and she gets trapped more often now but still just cloaks and warps around. Similar issues to the pre patch just toned down a bit.

Still wound up with a 26 minute match because she just warped around the map again, once trapped decoy cloak evade the thing away and warp off again.

I think the reveal was the best change. That and the traversal speed were the only necessary changes. The removing power from supernova and adding it to warp blast was the iffy change. Not sure if wraith was over nerfed. We will see after a month or so of metrics. Decoying right in front of plain sight was beyond ridiculous, and needed to be changed.

I like the changes. Honestly, I wanted to do more damage besides supernova. Sometimes I play without decoy for a fun rush to see if I can take someone down before they can get me. Good tracking teams or T4 mininuke/mortar is too painful to take on without decoy.

Besides that, I’m starting to enjoy not using decoy, but at the same time if the team uses mines or etc, it helps to add a point or two to get rid of the excess.

After a long fun day at the beach, I realized that I’m going to get a feeling for the new Wraith. I will be just as annoying to defeat and watch that players will see no end to their complaining. Then once Turtle Rock has nerf the hell out of this monster, I will stop playing and watch them destroy their own game.

The problem is not the beasts rather the players and I will continue to prove it.

My Wraith is Elite, so her stats aren’t low level. I will still clean the floor with nebies.

There needs to be two things that telemetry looks at. How does Wraith’s W/L rate change and how many people stop playing Wraith. If her use rate goes down by too big a margin, that (admittedly to me) implies that people don’t find the monster fun. A decrease in use should be expected, but a drastic decrease would (again to me) imply the nerf was too much.

Personally I have stopped playing monster in Mutli-player games, so my outlook there isn’t going to be helpful to the design team.

Or the people just have fun on easymode monsters and are dickheads

Since your post seems intentionally rude and aggressive, and was specifically a reply to me, would you care to elaborate in some more rational and explanatory manner or should I just consider this to be a mindlessly violent attack?

People who played the whole time wraith prepatch and complaining now about the changes are completly dump.
The wraith was able to evade every dome if he isnt completly blind and can coordinate a bit. Nearly every hunterteam just wait at the relay and wait for the wraith cause its so hard to catch him.
And you called that fun?
Yeah people like playing games, if they win all the time no matter what, but thats not cool. Sometimes devs shouldnt listen to people like them, people like you.
The wraith is still one of the strongest monsters you just have to handle it right now. Before the patch nearly every mistake was forgivable thats not the case anymore. Get used to it

And right here you make your mistake. You assumed.

I did not play Wraith pre-patch. I’m on PC and I started playing Wraith more regularly only after the patch. Oh, I did play her a few times pre-patch to see how she was, but because too many people said she wasn’t fun to play against, I abstained. Post-patch I can play her and have fun against bots in Solo, but there is no way I am taking her into Multi-player now. My main argument is the .5 second visibility on Decoy. She has no ability to disengage now. I don’t care about “escaping domes”. I, personally, think they crippled Supernova, but whatever. It’s not like I depended on it. And I do like the changes to Warp Blast, but given all of the incessant whining going on in the forums I expect Warp Blast to be neutered in the near future.

None of this, however, changes the post that you replied to. IF the win/loss rate goes down but the number of people playing Wraith goes down by too big a percentage, this doesn’t mean Wraith was properly balanced, it means people no longer find her fun and she will need further adjustments. Unless you think a monster that only 10% of monster players pick is a good number. (Yes, that is an exaggeration for example purposes.) So, when TRS looks at the numbers they need to look at more than just “is Wraith now close to a 50% win rate”.

I expect that you still disagree. That’s okay. Feel free to disagree away. Your opinions are no less valid than my own, and I expect TRS wishes to see everyone’s input about these matters.


The different between my and your opinion is that iam right and you are wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

You really want to tell me that the decoy is to weak? That you cant evade and dodge damage while domed? I would love to play against you cause i think wraith has such an great mobility thats its completly possible to evade enough damage and deal alot of.

You dont care of dodging domes? Sorry but maybe thats your problem while playing monster.
What did you want? That you can get domed and dont recieve ANY damage? If you are domed you have to fight, hunters work well and cornered you so your time to set up armor etc is over therefore is the dome… Wtf i really cant see your point.

Also funny thing is that you stopped playing it pre patch cause it was to strong, and now you want them to be so strong again?.

I don’t care if I get domed for two reasons.

Reason 1 - in many cases I get domed because I am looking for a fight. I like to engage at stage 2, not just evolve to 3 and then fight. So if I get domed, well, I was looking for a fight.

Reason 2 - if I get domed then I made a mistake and the hunters deserve the dome. No problem. Let the battle begin.\

And since you asked, what I would like is to see the visibility removed from Decoy. That’s it. The rest I have no issue with.

But, you know, you’re totally right. I should just stop playing and go do something else. Gonna see if I can find some new weapons in Bloodborne. Have a nice morning (or whichever time of day it is where you live.)

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Hmh nearly midday thanks.

I would recommend just to play a bit more wraith you will get into it and then maybe in a few months you will see i was right.

Have a good day honey

It’s usually the people who blame the random public playing people because they are just casuals BUT at the end most Wraith players were exactly the same. Now after Wraith got slightly patched and they lose their 90% win ratio they coming with all this hate and I quite the game posts.
I think Wraith has been patched in the right way and in hands of a good player it’s still as lethal as before!
It’s often just black and white in here. The hunter player always want the monsters to be nerfed and the monster players a screaming that all hunters are OP.

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Yeah, decoy pretty much asks for free damage on the Wraith now. Yet it still works against most pugs as I sadly have to experience as Hunter when playing with one of those groups again.
To properly disengage as Wraith you should get a strike and than disengage. The time it takes for the team to pick the Hunter up they have to decide, either chase with 2 Hunters or wait until everyone is up again. The first situation is dangerous for the Hunters since you can just swoop in again and may get another strike before the 2 Hunters that chased you are back.
The best thing about Wraith is her ability to move fast without making a sound. you can circle environment and double back all day to catch them out of position.

This is sadly a matter of people unable to adapt to her changes at all. Every Wraith player ingame (though sparse) I have fought with 1.3 does nothing but complain how broken and bad she is while going full decoy and supernova trying to play her the exact same way they most likely cheesed their way to victory before. It just doesn’t work anymore.

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First, got my rifle-spear in Bloodborne, so that’s good.

Second, see I never agreed with the Supernova + Decoy thing. I think Supernova should stay the length it is now, but be a buff, not a field effect. Second, poping Decoy shouldn’t give the decoy the Supernova damage buff.

But that’s just me.