1.3 Wraith too Weak/Strong

I’ll leave this here.

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TL;DW, what happens?

You can’t watch a four minute match? That’s super short!

I was in the middle of sweeping. I watched it, not a superb beginning (3 birds in a row, srsly >_>) but after that was excellent, never saw such awesome use of abduction. GG Man

The trick is, not caring if you scare the birds. :wink: They’re to pull the hunters towards a direction in a straight line while you strafe around them. These guys just happened to be all spread out.

Ah. I wont lie, im even worse, i dont remember the last time i ever went sneaky.
I wouldve mauled laz the moment i saw him at the start, but thats just cause im overly aggressive at times (also goliath is my monster so i wouldve been happy with a stage 1 brawl)

All the scariest monsters spend so little time sneaking. It’s pretty interesting honestly.

Its cuz we’re honey badgers
We dont give a sh*t

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I sneak. The problem is most people don’t know when best to sneak and when to not sneak.


Oh, I know the best ones do sneak, I just think it’s interesting. Brand new monsters who don’t know what they’re doing never sneak, and don’t know why they’re being found. As they learn more they start sneaking all the time and take forever to get stage ups and get super frustrated about birds. Then you get to the really, really good monsters and you can hear them stomping around 95% of the time because they only sneak when they need to.

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I don’t play wraith too often, but when I do I start with 2 warp blast and 1 in decoy with either 15% less damage perk or cooldown reduction. I normally avoid fights until stage 2, once stage 2 I have 3 in warp blast 2 in abduct and 1 in decoy. At this stage I’ll try abduct the trapper, medic or support and get some strikes on the hunters, the 15% less damage helps me stay offensive at stage 2 to get the much needed strikes. If all goes well or the hunters make mistakes I can finish the game, if not I’ll go stage 3 and then have 3 in warp blast, 3 in abduct and 3 in decoy. Usually then it’s a pretty quick win.

well played.

TRS PLEASE :worried:

If you don’t want Warp Blast to ruin your eyes maybe you should adjust the light level in your room and sit further away from the screen. The bigger Warp Blast explosion isn’t that bad.

I agree. I didint even realize the difference until I saw this topic.

As promised, here is my detailed video about how I feel about the Wraith in 1.3. Because I put a lot of time an effort into the feedback, I went ahead and made it it’s own topic. > Check it out here.

Or if you’re so inclined, feel free to watch the video as well: > You can view the Video on Youtube!

The only problem I have with Wraith right now, after having some more experience with her, is that she’s essentially worthless without Warp Blast right now. There’s literally nothing that can be done about things like Griffin or tranqs without it. It’s too vital to her kit, almost to a fault, I’d say. It’s her only really mobile ability, and Decoy and Abduction aren’t reliable enough in a dome to keep you up without just trying to hide, and good luck with that if you’re up against an Abe. I feel like Warp Blast is too necessary for her right now, and that her other abilities need a little bit something more. At least, I’d say undo the Supernova nerf. It didn’t need it to start with, and its so inferior to the utility of her kit that it’s not even funny. If keeping the lowered duration, I’d say bring the 10% damage back from the Big Alpha. No other Monster relies on a single ability the way that Wraith does right now. Goliath and Kraken can both go 3/3/3 in more or less any combination and make it at the very least feasible, but Wraith needs at least one point in Warp Blast at all times in order to function.

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I actually had my game on full brightness. I kept thinking, “Man, the maps are so BRIGHT. It ruins the atmosphere.” Then I realized… :blush:

I had to turn mine down too, after like 150 hours in Evolve…

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Warp Blast, agreed. It’s Wraith’s signature skill now and you won’t win without it.

Supernova is still very much enough to finish off a target or even set up some area denial for a short time. And I feel juggling is the way to go with Wraith anyways, so Supernova won’t help much in that regard and is really only useful to finish either a downed Hunter or for the last ~25% hp if he is properly cornered.

Abduction still does a lot of damage, but it is bugged as hell and predictable.

Decoy… is in it’s current state of visibility useless against decent teams and only marginally useful as a mine clearing tool if you are lucky. I still tend to blast mines with the now increased radius of Warp Blast. Decoy just does a pretty bad job at it sometimes, even if you pop it about 5-10 meters from the mines.