1.3 Wraith too Weak/Strong

Oh I agree and I have no issue with the warp traversel and blast speed reduction. I do think the warp traversal should recharge faster for the Wraith though. She is being forced into way more combat from what I’ve tasted and popping Decoy won’t do you much good now, tt helps but you rely on your movement way more.

Due to the low HP and armorpool, this has become incredibly hard :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t played wraith long but this is definitly what I think about the Wraith aswell.

When I was in a hunter party that communicated, wraith wasn’t a problem to handle. It was just so darn annoying that she could slip away from any dome if she listened :stuck_out_tongue:

you’ll have to break LOS with hunters before you Decoy for it to be effective.

Edit:This was true in the previous build as well but it worked more often than not against average hunters.

So why are you even posting

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Wraith is significantly slower when traversing and Warp Blasting and also much easier to find now when it Decoys during combat, that 0.5 seconds of extra visbility makes a huge difference.

Hunters can also now keep up with the Wraith as long as there are slow effects on it.

I am loving these changes.

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I actually agree with all the changes, but not the balance in general. They have taken away her annoying movement… but what did they give her back (cool down on decoy) is not enough.

Wait, Hyde got his buff!?!?
Time to start some Hyde OP threads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Care to elaborate? Decoy has a 2 second longer CD now and the Wraith is much easier to follow if it was already getting shot at in the first place.

Hyde is absolutely glorious now get over to the Hyde thread!

Damage buff and radius buff to WB. I think they will increase the SN duration a little bit too. As someone who know absolutely nothing concrete about balancing a game I would say increase duration by 20% and bump the speed back up like 5%. But that’s just me.

top kek

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Both fighting a Wraith and playing a Wraith feel much better. Of course people will argue that playing one sucks now, but as others have posted, it will take time to get used to the changes. Decoy can’t be hit at any time, you need to break LoS. Supernova must be saved for a moment where you have Hunters in a good position to get max damage. Abduct is still abduct.

The real winner-winner-Monster-dinner here is Warp Blast. I feel like it is a must-have in her kit now. You need to have it at 3 points at stage 1 or 2. While it is slower, the radius is much larger. If Hunters don’t dodge, it is a heavy hit.

That said, I’m not sure how she will fare in higher level play. She was already counter-able despite being so annoying to corner. Now she is both much easier to corner and keep track of in a fight. I feel like positioning to hit multiple Hunters with Warp Blast as they chase or attempt to get high ground is going to be critical.


Skywraith is going to be more popular than ever I believe. 2/3 Warp Blast 1/3 Abduct then whatever they want really.

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Hyde was already a beast, i feel bad for the next monster that faces me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Now she is both much easier to corner and keep track of in a fight.

I feel like it was her playstyle, and now its not entirely gone, but really weakened…

As if Goliath lost muscles, or Kraken got little flying tentacles

Yeah but dem nades though so they’re SO much better!

I’m actually glad to see that the wraith is easier to find, and I’m saying this from a monster players viewpoint. Wraith was meant to be more difficult to play and should require some strategy. Wraith is my favourite one due to the playstyle, so now I can play it without feeling cheap and can feel some accomplishment once I have mastered it enough to win some matches. You gotta love how this studio is working so hard to ensure that everything gets balanced and stays fun.

Edit: for those who feel that her stealthed has been robbed, don’t forget she has a much lower profile so it’s not as easy to spot. I’ve more often managed to lose hunters by misdirection and simply hiding in bushes more often then using the decoy.

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With only a 30m warp blast and a slower travel time I feel that Sky Wraith won’t be as popular. It was easy to punish that kind of build before the patch. Now with the extra travel times it should be easier.


So much want, too bad im busy doin chores :cry:

Traversal of Skywraith was definitely nerfed, in combat though…

Abduct them, melee and then Warp Blast. Also, right after you initiate the heavy melee attack (the upward slash that causes knockback) that is also a great moment to pop Warp Blast.

The speed doesn’t really matter because Ambush will get them to you and you should be knocking them back to guarantee the hit.