1.3 Wraith too Weak/Strong

I agree with you. Wraith was in my opinion the easiest Monster to fight against aslong as the team communicates.

I usually played Wraith at Stage 1 with 2 Decoy and 1 Warpblast.
Decoy to kill big guys like Nomads and Warpblast to be mobile.
In a Dome, I used the Decoy to stay hidden as long as possible without spamming it on Cooldown.

That does not work right now. 0.5. is way to much.
As soon as I pop the Decoy, I get shot, which is ok, and stay visibile forver. I’m not able to flee at this point because anything would break the Decoy and the Cooldown will not reset.
When I get the chance to change position and stay hidden, I can’t because of the Decoy Cooldown. I’m not able to flee like with Goliath because I have “no” armor and “no” HP.
Stage 1 was for me “Survival” and I can’t survive stage 1, domed, with 3 points in Warpblast.

I played Stage 2 with 2 Supernova and 1 Abduct to prepare the hunters with some strikes.
Playing it a bit like Stage 1, I change the direction into a bit more agressive.
Supernova with 50% less duration…
I don’t really think that I’m gonna use it on stage 2 because I see more potential in Warpblast with 3 Points.
I think 25-35% less duration could be better. You can time it better and you don’t need to wait until your enemies are on a perfekt spot to use it. At this point i don’t know if it’s 50% less duration with the same amount of damage or damage halved. With the same amount of Damage it could be a possible instant kill because of the burst.

Stage 3:
I didn’t reached it yet and I don’t think i’m going to do it because of Wraiths actual survivability.

Wraith was for me a Rogue-like Monster, like a Rogue in WoW. Quick in, some time to kill one, quick out

Sorry for my English, it’s not my native Language :slight_smile:

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Wraith 2 in Warp Blast, 1 in Abduction stage 1, CD reduction perk.

Staged up by not being found, picked 3 in Warp Blast, and 2 in SuperNova.

Found Damage Resistance buff. Engaged, killed the hunters with no health loss.

Problem with Wraith, at Stage 2, you feel like you’re tranqed 24/7, and resort to crouching, and trying to stealth the entire game, because getaways feel impossible. Catching people in fight, feels impossible, that’s where Abduction comes in.

The Wraith seems weak, vs coordinated groups now. She feels like she was balanced for pug play, at level 1-20.


Have had 0 issue dodging domes, warp blast damage buff is OP


I feel really sad. I was one of those people who jumped on the “NERF THE WRAITH PLZ” bandwagon. It needed a rework, it really did, but lord…

This is way too bad, but I know a simple fix that doesn’t require fine tuning.

The problem the wraith has now it it’s survivability, not it’s damage. I think an easy way to fix the wraith is just give it more armor/health. It takes three seconds to loose all armor now that half of the characters in the game got at least a 10% damage buff.

Decoy reload time change? Fine. I think it’s good where it is, maybe a second less but whatever.

Supernova radius? Fine.

The Warp Blast damage is okay but the radius doesn’t seem to be changing at all. Maybe just a bug but it’s identical for me stage 1 to stage 3.

Abduction never changed but it’s even less usefull because why the hell would you pick an ability to bring someone to you when you could be choosing one to let you live longer, which is desperately needed. I always said that abduction would be infinitely more viable if it had 5-10% more damage, but now I don’t feel that way. It’s just not usefull when the fools will just jetpack to me and kill me.

I’ve been facerolling by going 2 warp + 1 abduct then 3 warp 3 abduct

both of those skills are incredible.

abduct people and drop them into megamouths and tyrants
abduct people, melee attack them, warp blast, melee attack again = gg ded hunter

I moved a post to an existing topic: 1.3 Val OP/Balanced

Love that it is live for a few hours and strong opinions and downright certainties have emerged.

Wraith was toxifying the game and singlehandedly drove people away. Who hasn’t been in a lobby with abuse directed at a wraith. And rightfully so. I was against a wraith one day ago in a 22 minute game. It tried to supernova the relay at stage three…they were shot off for one entire mintue…then one of our players DCed so we lost.

That is the calibre of wraith that can win games. No understanding of core game mechanics. Just warp,warp,wap,warp blast. Who hasn’t fought a wraith in a 20 minute game and crushed it stage 3, knowing it only survived because of this? This patch will let the cream rise up. I for one will play wraith now because like many I was actively avoiding it.

Adapt, experiment and try new strategies before passing judgement.


Hell, you communicate better in English than many native speakers.

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I agree, it makes me sad when some people say they only speak English.


English is such a terribad language.

American English is, it’s the mutt language of the world.

And Americans can’t even speak it well, which makes it that much worse.


1.3 has many good changes… But then you done goofed up.

Now look, I under stand COMPLETELY why you made those changes. This, however, does not excuse the destruction you have wreaked upon her. I’ll go in depth on WHY these changes need to go, and even suggest what she DOES need.

Wraith - Making her movement speed less bursty which makes her easier to keep track of. Making Supernova less lethal while still allowing it to be just as powerful. Making Warp Blast a damage dealer instead of a traversal mechanic.

Hmmm… Interesting in concept but…

Warp speed reduced 25%
-So the fastest, squishiest monster needs to be… Slower? Not to mention her mobility is half that of Kraken now.
Supernova duration decreased by 50%
-It’s hard enough to get solo Assassin kills, and you just made that… Harder? Supernova was (And still is) her only really viable quick kill option. Now she can’t kill fast. Assassin no more.

Wraith becomes visible for half a second when shot while cloaked.
-So… her only cloak option has been… Nerfed? She’s a stealth monster. Now her only stealth option… Well, Let’s just say I stay visible long enough to have a Poon trap turn around and harpoon me. No more stealth for the stealth monster.
Increased cooldown time by 2 seconds.
-She already had cooldown nerfed, it did not need to be nerfed AGAIN.

Warp Blast
Speed reduced by 40%
-Now this is WAAAAAY too easy to dodge. It’s too slow, so now hunters can simply Jet Dodge out of the way.
Range no longer levels up.
-One of the 4 good changes to her.
Radius levels up now.
-One of the 4 good changes to her.
Max travel distance set to 30 meters for all levels.
–One of the 4 good changes to her.
Damage increased by 10%.
–One of the 4 good changes to her.

All in all, she’s been ruined. Unless you wanted to turn her into a squishy, less lethal golaith then CONGRATS! You’ve accomplished your goal.

She’s a STEALTH ASSASSIN not some piece of s*** squishy brawler.

These are the only changes I think she needed to her existing abilities:

-Decoy no longer does damage, but still applies knock back.
-Being hit while cloaked only shows you for a brief flash.
-The next hit out of cloak does 10-15% extra damage.

Warp Blast:
Range no longer levels up.
Radius levels up now.
Max travel distance set to 30 meters for all levels.
Damage increased by 10%.

Abduction: Travel speed 25-40% faster. Maybe even a 3 meter longer and she grabs the hunter closest to her (Within her arms length, with animation perhaps)

Damages twice as fast to add to assassin properties.

And I feel like she needs an extra buff.

While crouching, give her a semi cloak, where she becomes slightly transparent to make her more of the stealth assassin she is meant to be.

I now hate the number 1.3. What this patch did to Wraith and what Primal Carnage Did to dilo is unacceptable.

As a side note, @MacMan I lost my Bog Wraith and my Gold Wraith, how do I get em back?


Have you tried unlinking and then relinking your My@K account? And to be fair, almost all of that is mobility changes and to stop her from just hiding through a dome. Both of which were serious issues before that patch. It wasn’t that she was unkillable (hardly!). She just wasn’t fun to hunt in the hands of many people.

That actually sounds efficient for Wraith, causing her to be used as a stealth monster in general. We might have to look at that later.


I get that! I really do, I don’t want to sound like I don’t.

But now, She’s TOO easy to kill. Only bad hunters give wraith a chance.

And that fixed the skins thanks.

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Thanks! I thought that would be good for the poor wraith.

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I like the passive cloak idea, it sounds more her style… And it’s not op, as you can still slightly see her glow from armor, and see her outline pretty easily (or so I see, when I view a partially cloaked Wraith in my minds eye).

That’s exactly what I envisioned too! It makes her harder to see, but easier to miss. Your vision was exactly mine.

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Like it’s partly “phased out” of existence but still there, right?

My initial impression is that warp blast/abduct wraiths will be fine. She’s slower, sure, but she’s still faster than the Kraken, and she’s still a small, annoying to hit target that’ll move around a lot, and warp blast hits like a truck now.

There’s a lot of doomsaying in this thread, which I think is a little premature.

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