1.3 Wraith too Weak/Strong

I had to turn mine down too, after like 150 hours in Evolve…

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Warp Blast, agreed. It’s Wraith’s signature skill now and you won’t win without it.

Supernova is still very much enough to finish off a target or even set up some area denial for a short time. And I feel juggling is the way to go with Wraith anyways, so Supernova won’t help much in that regard and is really only useful to finish either a downed Hunter or for the last ~25% hp if he is properly cornered.

Abduction still does a lot of damage, but it is bugged as hell and predictable.

Decoy… is in it’s current state of visibility useless against decent teams and only marginally useful as a mine clearing tool if you are lucky. I still tend to blast mines with the now increased radius of Warp Blast. Decoy just does a pretty bad job at it sometimes, even if you pop it about 5-10 meters from the mines.

It does? When I use it, the damage sucks. It’s negligible at best from my observations.

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I think the issue is that Warp Blast is useful all of the time, while her other three skills are wildly situational. Warp Blast has insane movement utility and does fantastic damage, so it’s good for clearing people out, destroying deployable and creating distance between you and the Hunters. It’s not really overpowered, in that sense, it’s just more reliable than anything else in her kit, but she still needs the rest of her kit to make it shine.

It’s a big contrast to Goliath and Kraken, who can both work awesomely without Rock Throw or Lightning Strike. Not necessarily a bad one, mind you. Wraith has more utility moves in her kit than any other Monster, so it makes sense that her only reliable damage abilitiy stands out. But you definitely need to be more careful when choosing your points, as going into the other three without Warp Blast leaves you with no follow up moves and thus, no way to reliably combo into things.

The other two Monsters have awesome utilit skills like this. They aren’t as essential to them as Warp Blast is to Wraith, but Fire Breath and Vortex both usually get at least one point for their utility in getting rid of deployables and gaining distance respectively. Wraith’s great utility skill just so happens to be her main damage dealer as well.

I’d still like to see Supernova buffed a little somehow. I’m not really sure how, I sort of think it needs to get back at least some of its duration, and needs to deal a bit more damage. Supernova was never that difficult to deal with, and now it’s so short and doesn’t pack punch until at least level 2 so it feels really weak compared to how much Warp Blast can do, and lacks of the utility and mobility that Warp Blast brings.

I guess what I’m saying is that Warp Blast is really good, but I would rather see the rest of her kit be made more appealing rather than making Warp Blast less. Particularly Supernova, as it’s her other main offensive skill. Decoy is good for raw damage too, but is situational. The situations it does well in, though, its amazing, and Abduction, while finicky sometimes, never pretended to be anything but a utility move. I think it should debuff the Hunters or something though maybe, if anything, to make it more appealing as an assassination tool and to give it at least some combat viability, but that’s not necessary. It’s not supposed to be a damage dealer. But Supernova? Supernova needs something

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Well it’s about 25% of a Hunters hp without perks and buffs on lvl 3. Combined with a heavy attack followup the combo does roughly 40% damage on a Hunter. Sure it’s not comparable with most of the direct damage skills of other Monsters or even Warp Blast, but it’s still nice damage and the best tool to keep juggling a Hunter and meawhile a reliable way to pop Markov mines (even though he is rarely played anymore).

Supernova’s duration is quite fine where it is now in my opinion, since against good teams you won’t have more time to utilize it anyways and against beginners it won’t snowball as hard as it used to prepatch. It’s quite a nice balance for both experienced and unexperienced players right now, and keeps beginners from experiencing pretty much this when playing against Wraith:


here is my opinion from another thread!


Well i know currently Goliath and Kraken are same walk and sneak speed Wraith is a little faster walking (not noticeably though in a monster perspective) and sneak is about the same base Behemoth though is slower in every way except transversal

Nope, shes the same, it just appears faster since shes sooo tiny

Really? Every time I was playing Griffin and I saw Wraith, catching her was about as hard as opening a can of Coke- a harpoon to the butt to get her close, then throw the dome and quickly harpoon so her warp doesn’t make her haul.

However, now Wraith’s become boring to play against because the one CHALLENGING aspect of fighting Wraith is 1) She’s hard to catch, and that once you have her in the dome, she’s not in there with you… You are inside the dome with a pissed-off Wraith.

TL;DR the patch made Wraith the monster that’s now a free win because her good traits were ruined

That makes sense…time to get offf acid then


Evolve didn’t make small changes to Wraith. It made big one, like cutting down the time of supernova by 50%.

There was never anything wrong with the beasts. There’s so much that favors the hunters and non of that stuff was nerfed.

Why couldn’t Turtle Rock wait for the release of the new hunters to see how the game played and then made decisions.

I will continue play the Evolve I’ve been playing. As long as I don’t allow the latest up date, the game should be fine. I’ve discovered that people are worat to play with than the broken AI in the game

I’m worried it might have been too much in a few areas. The extra second reveal is not needed. 50% reduction is a little too much, perhaps 25%-30%. Everything else seems fine though because now she actually gets domed.

I think supernova could be increased but decoy damage needs to be reduced

I haven’t played against a Wraith yet, mostly just Behemoths. Before speculation sets in we should wait a week (or two) and see what the devs report on the telemetry. Even if Wraith feels UP, if its win/loss rate is down to where Goliath & Kraken are then the changes are good. With such dramatic changes, though, I’m going to guess the first week’s win/loss will be low as people get used to the new Wraith and the T4 hunters.

wraith warp blast is ridiculous

I would agree with that.

It only goot a 10% dmg buff, but it’s radius gets way bigger now.

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the radius is huge

Gotta love that, before I thought was way to small and easy to dodge. :stuck_out_tongue: